How to claim 2,000 euros if you are self-employed to digitize your business?

if you are autonomous or if you have a small business with 0 to 2 employees, you can now request up to 2,000 Euros from the Spanish Government to digitize your business. Improving your website, building or enhancing your digital commerce or digital networks, switching to electronic invoicing or improving the cybersecurity of communications are some of the improvements that the Spanish government can subsidize. We explain how.

Until now, deadlines had been opened for small companies with 10 to 49 workers (segment 1), 3 to 9 employees (segment 2) to request this assistance, and finally this 20 October is the deadline for requesting subsidies to self-employed and contracted self-employed with no employees or up to two people.

The Digital Kit is part of the Next Generation European funds managed by the Government.


Before you begin the application process, consider the services you need to contract and look at the list of approved digitization agents to receive subsidies. Subsidized digitization must be done through these 9000+ companies classified according to the services they provide on the Spanish government’s Acelera Pyme website.

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Choose what services you need depending on the type of company you have and your needs, remember that the maximum subsidy amount is 2,000 Euros. In principle, this is the digitization of services, not devices, so this subsidy cannot be used to purchase computers or other tools.

Now you can improve or implement electronic commerce, include Business Intelligence and Analytics tools (that let you know how your business is behaving), create a virtual office, manage social networks, build or improve your website and core presence. digitize internet, customer and process management, communicate securely. Once you have decided which services you will request and which digitization agent will be responsible, you can access the Acelera Pyme official website and follow the three necessary steps to request a subsidy:

Steps to ask for help

Digitization for SMEs


Register on the Acelera Pyme website.


Take three digital diagnostic tests that assess your company’s level of digitization from your created personal space.


Ask for help from the Digital Kit in the electronics center of You need a Digital Key user and the form receipt will be generated when you log in online.

The call for freelancers and companies with less than three employees is targeted at the largest group of 2.8 million freelancers and companies with a budget of 500 million euros from European Next Generation funds. More than 120,000 applications were received in previous chapters for companies with three to 49 employees. In total, more than 400 million Euros of aid were distributed. Thus, the sum of the calls allocated by the Spanish government to the digitization of companies and freelancers is 900 million euros.

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