Health insurance for athletes, what policies do companies offer?


PREVENTIVE MEDICINE The scope of preventive medicine is one of the most important, as it facilitates the early detection of diseases and conditions and ensures the prevention of diseases with regular medical tests.

(24-10-2022). Doing sports is an activity in which it is appropriate to take out insurance, as in any other activity. There are different types of them, and it is convenient for each person to analyze the most suitable option for him, based on the sport he does, its frequency, level of experience and, of course, the benefits it offers.

To simplify, we can say that private insurance is a type of health policy tailored to the specific needs of users who engage in sports activities on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to find sports insurance, as this type of product is not common with most insurance companies. However, it is possible to find more comprehensive health insurance directly or indirectly linked to sports.

to choose private health insurance most suitable, it is important to pay attention to the type of sport that is regularly practiced. Not all activities are subject to the same type of potential risks. For example, running or going to the gym is not the same accident probability as skiing or climbing.

In more standardized insurance, it is more common to find coverage for more daily activities, i.e. sports that are not considered risky sports. Therefore, people who feel a particular predisposition to risky sports practices should choose a policy specifically designed for this type of context.


If you play sports regularly, you are likely to reject the idea of ​​hiring a priori. health insurance for athletes has a wider scope, because in principle you have good health. However, it is advisable to know what the terms of the policy are and the implications for services. Some of the most relevant are:


It is one of the most important guarantees as it facilitates the early detection of diseases and conditions and allows the prevention of diseases with regular medical tests.

This type of monitoring favors a more controlled and healthier practice in the long run.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Sports events can cause long-term problems in the form of their consequences. To regain mobility it becomes a key factor to begin an adapted recovery process from physiotherapy sessions. Some companies offer coverage in this sense with certain restrictions, such as setting a maximum number of sessions or defining a grace period.

But others provide comprehensive care until the patient fully recovers.

primary care

It constitutes a core service in the health policy segment. However, getting primary care as soon as possible can make a big difference in the recovery process.

Having a policy that includes primary care provides access to specialists in general medicine or emergency services and can increase capacity to respond to out-of-hospital incidents.

sports medicine

This specialty is devoted to the treatment of such disorders or changes associated with sports activity. Receiving special attention at the right time can turn into opportunities for improvement in less time and also a guarantee for health and safety.

diagnostic tests

Exercising increases the likelihood of exposure to accidents or long-term physical problems, for example due to overexertion. When this happens, identifying the origin of the ailments becomes a priority and can be blocked if there is no access to the relevant diagnostic tests.

Sports Nutrition

Some insurances cover the field of sports nutrition through price reductions or access to complementary services such as food assistance or tailored guidance.

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