How to start your own business

Who hasn’t dreamed of their own business? Even in Argentina, where the system has often seemed designed to prevent and hinder entrepreneurship, it is possible to realize this dream and become an entrepreneur.

Maybe you had this dream and never dared to start it because it seems so complicated. The truth is, starting your first job means a radical change in life, and yes, it has its complications, but as with anything, it’s about starting over. And that’s what this note you’re reading is for: to tell you the basics. The first things you need to know to start the entrepreneurial path. This, as they say, is a one-way journey.


The first thing you need to be clear about starting your own business is, What the job you want to create. It may sound strange to you, but it’s very common for people to want to start a business with a rather vague idea of ​​what they want to do.

There are techniques that can help you narrow down your idea, evaluate its feasibility, and give it a tangible form that can be used as a basis for starting a business.

The first thing to keep in mind is that to realize your idea, you must be able to write it down. This means synthesizing what your business will be in a clear and precise sentence. I want to make money by selling things not a clear and precise sentence, but I’ll make breakfast and sell it online totally acceptable.

when you have basic ideaIt’s time to consider the possibilities and look for a plus detail that will give your business a distinctive profile from the rest, allowing you to carve a niche in the market. There are already many breakfast establishments that can be ordered online; What will be your distinctive detail?

Upon request, personalized breakfasts can be presented in a mug or thermos with the name of the honored owner or with a design. Or specialize in tropical or Mediterranean breakfasts. Or it’s only made with products suitable for people with celiac disease or lactose intolerance.

The possibilities are endless. You should call them.

And by the way, this quest is not just a thought exercise. Doing research will also be vital in the task of developing and defining your opinion. which businesses already exist In your chosen niche, what products or services do they offer, what are their features… and most importantly, what is it that none of them do? Maybe you have a chance to make a place of your own.

Once the idea is detailed, it’s time to think about how to put it into practice. Will you need partners? Employees? A physical place to start your business? The more connections you have, the easier it will be to resolve these issues.

The next one is to do business planis a vital tool to get your project started. Having (and sticking to) a business plan can be the difference between success and failure.

Legal and administrative issues

After defining your venture in precise terms (or even a little earlier), here is the mantra that will guide the next phase of your life: The accountant is your friend.

Indeed, this is the part where the help of an expert (or more than one) is needed. With all the legal and administrative issues, it’s time to set up your business.

By the way, this is not so difficult to do. Even the government is ready to help you. The Ministry of Industry and Productive Development came together. microsite with information on required procedures Including a corporation, including things like forming an LLC and registering a trademark.

In any case, each type of job has specifics that involve different procedures, for example, municipal leave in the case of a physical job or anything related to the payment of salaries and pension contributions if you will. There are employees.. Again, the golden rule of this stage: The accountant is your friend. (If you still don’t have an accountant, what are you waiting to get?)

work in progress

Congratulations! Your business is already up and running. But that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. On the contrary: As we said at the beginning, this will change your life.

First of all, you should remember that the business plan you outlined at the beginning is a tool, so sometimes you have to adjust and adapt it. You will need to periodically review the plan to see if it requires changes that will help your business sustain and grow.

Second, even though the nature of business is competitive, remember that you are not alone and the more allies you have, the better. Try to connect with other entrepreneurs in your field or interested. Many cities have entrepreneurial associations that share experiences, make contacts and even help each other to create more jobs.

Finally, always keep your eyes open for opportunities for expansion and diversification. There are businesses that are based on a single product or service, but there are more businesses that are successful by adapting to and capitalizing on new scenarios. What starts out as a small personalized breakfast venture can turn into a reference company for business gifts, for example.

In short, there is much more to learn on the subject, but by following the basic lines outlined in this note, your chances of achieving your own business dream will increase significantly. The rest is coercion, research, openness to the new and, of course, a bit of luck.

Good luck on your path as an entrepreneur!

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