Is diastema a fad or a health hazard?

Often, trivial aspects capture the viewer’s attention from one day to the next. celebrities and influencers and be flow. A clear example of this is gap geartechnically known diastema.

Inside healthy teeth, the teeth are aligned and joined. However, there are people who have this gap or diastema caused by certain health problems. Therefore, if this is our case, although there are celebrities who resort to diastema, fashionit’s best not to imitate them and try to fix it. dental malformation to avoid future problems.

Orthodontic brand experts Print Note that the diastema should never be confused with the space left by the absence of a tooth. Although it can occur between any tooth, often associated with shovels, that is, the separation between the upper anterior incisors. In addition, experts attribute this irregularity to different reasons. factors:

– Small teeth. Teeth that are too small cannot cover all the available space in the jaw. That’s why there is a space between them. If someone in your family has small teeth, you probably do too, and if you do, your children will have the same problem when they grow up. It is a genetic question.

– The jaw is larger than the teeth. The disproportion between the size of the jaw and the size of the teeth can also cause tooth diastema. In this case, as in the previous one, the cavities are not localized and the problem generally affects all teeth.

– Teeth separated by an overdeveloped frenulum. We all have two labial frenulums, one lower and one upper. The labial frenulum is a membrane that connects the lip to the gum in the upper and lower parts of the mouth. Spaced teeth can occur when we have too large braces.

– Bad habits. Sucking your thumb or constantly pressing your tongue against your teeth can affect them and cause them to separate. Many adults choose to correct the separation of the teeth for aesthetic reasons, but also because they feel discomfort when eating, because food easily gets stuck between the teeth. Diastema in adults promotes the buildup of bacterial plaque that can lead to cavities and other more serious problems.

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Diastema treatment

Now that you know the causes, you should also know that not all cases of diastema are diastema. health problembut when they are, it matters treat as soon as possible.

And a diastema jaw imbalance and the force applied to the teeth. This can eventually erode tooth enamel, gums and bone structure and lead to misaligned teeth. It can also cause discomfort while eating.

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene and flossing after every meal is essential because food residues facilitate the appearance of plaque and cavities and also cause bad breath.

If you have a diastema and fix thisThe most recommended thing is that you apply a treatment. orthodontics. there is today clear aligners for an effective, invisible and discreet treatment.

Transparent aligner to correct the diastema. Print

remember then diastema is not a whim and can turn into a health problem. Therefore, if you have spaced teeth, experts Print They suggest you go to your dentist for a specific treatment and help you solve the problem.

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