“New Sports Law is a risk for everyone”

all clubs on thursday League They will meet in an extraordinary assembly to examine and evaluate the consequences of the new Sports Law and decide on possible joint action. Mallorca, through the CEO of Business, Alfonso Diazwill be one of the attendees of the meeting and one of those who fight as a bloc to adopt the proposed changes to the legal text. Conversely, a possible strike call in the short term is not excluded.

Will Spanish football stop defending its position on the new Sports Law?
—Before we get to this point, we should think about what happened. We are talking about the fact that the Sports Law project seriously risks the survival of the clubs and the League in the short, medium and long term, without the changes demanded by the majority of the clubs from the League. . This is a very compromising situation and the issue of time off is on the table.

What is the special position of Mallorca in this direction?
“We are supporters. We have an assembly next Thursday where all this issue will be discussed, but of course we will stand by what the majority decides.

How does reform affect clubs and competition itself?
—If the requested changes are not approved, this Sports Law project will be like returning to the darkest past we have lived through, the complex situations that football went through seven or eight years ago. It has been possible for all clubs and the League to get to where we are today, and unfortunately we have left behind things like the bankruptcy cases of which we are an example. Thanks to the 2015 decree, the clubs are healthy. We can’t go back. This law can lead us to that. There is also the risk of the Super League. It could hurt domestic competition and affect the numbers professional football moves in and the serious losses it can create. We’ve evaluated that and we’re talking about 1,100 million and 100,000 job losses over the next ten years, while currently producing around 185,000 both directly and indirectly. And we can talk about a decrease of 2,100 million in tax collection, which is the contribution of the league and the entire sector. If we talk about the future, we are risking this growth project that we have achieved thanks to the agreement reached with CVC. If the ability to enjoy these commercial rights is questioned, the agreement that allows all clubs to grow is also questioned. In our case, we are investing in infrastructure, remodeling of the stadium or sports city. It is a complex, risky situation and we need the support of all political groups so that we can be heard and these proposed changes are taken into account.

Let’s change the subject, what about the reform of the Son Moix stadium?
– We are waiting for the start of the second phase, which means the complete completion of the north end of the stadium. And we need to get the license as soon as possible. This is a different perspective on the interpretation of the rule and we are working on it to get started as soon as possible, which is what we all want. It’s an issue that Cort is investigating on a technical level and we expect, although we’ve already told you, please, we need to get started as soon as possible to be on time.

Do you think the Lluís Sitjar solution is close?
—The truth of the country of Lluís Sitjar is that, 23 years later, it is a proposal and a real option to solve a problem that has long been entrenched. Neither Palma nor its citizens deserve to have an area of ​​approximately 50,000 square meters and a vacant lot that can be used for the ultimate purpose of the city. We feel the need to resolve the issue and have an offer that we think is acceptable. There are as many as 240 titles currently available for effective sale at the notary. It is necessary to reach 60% and we hope other partners understand that it is time to take a step forward, close the doors and look to the future as well as helping Mallorcanism. Because what we would get was the reconstruction of the stadium, the green space that the city and city council wanted.

What if the required 60% is not reached?
We will go back to the situation 23 years ago. And it doesn’t make sense. We’ve said this actively and passively: It’s time for resolution, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep it going.

Has the club predetermined what the first team will do during the World Cup break? Has the possibility of playing a tournament abroad been ruled out?
-We had the option of going to the United States with the league and another club and in the end it didn’t come out due to different circumstances beyond our control. We are working to make a pre-season similar to the one made in the summer. scene and some are friendly. We’ll see if we go out for a few days or stay in Palma.

After the match against Real Sociedad in Anoeta last week, the arbitration debate has been reopened. Has Mallorca taken any steps in this regard?
—What we do is work in the most professional way possible. When we believe something isn’t right, we go to the people or organizations that make the decisions and work internally. This is our day-to-day, something else is also more or less visible. We don’t stand still and we do when we need to move and talk. Not just with referees, but in general. Our failure to make an announcement does not mean that we do not act or defend the interests of the club.

Does the club feel that it has been mistreated because of certain arbitration awards?
—There are better decisions than others and we know how it works and the difficulty of refereeing. There are situations that fall from one side or the other, and we saw what happened the other day. It shouldn’t have happened and we believe the goal is legit, but we have to keep working and think about how well we’re doing sporting.

How do you evaluate the progress of the team in terms of football?
—We are very confident that things are done well. We have an id and a full commit on behalf of the whole group. We know what we are playing and the stability and balance is there. We are a very solvent team, very serious and defensively we are number ten. So the results come.

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