WHO calls for raising health to ‘highest level’ of global priorities

this World Health Summit opened today in Berlin amid calls and warnings to raise health to the top of global priorities. don’t neglect fighting malaria or poliowhile all attention is focused on the coronavirus pandemic.

“Health is an investment, not a cost,” said the Ethiopian World Health Organization (WHO) director. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesusin the opening ceremony of a summit that will last three days and is considered the largest international event in this field of the year.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on health, social and economic scale, ” maximize health“It’s in the set of priorities of the political sphere, as well as public or private investment,” said Tedros.

There must be a “generational commitment” that ultimately aims to design the world. Health spending as an “investment”‘, added the PMS general manager.

Tedros recalled that the coronavirus outbreak has exposed the “vulnerability” that both the most advanced and still “do not have adequate and fair access to vaccines” continue to be exposed to.

However, this is not the only vulnerability that continues to affect the world’s population in terms of health, as the task of eradicating polio still lingers in the less industrialized world.

this The fight against polio will occupy the sessions of the so-called Donors Conference against this disease 4.800 million euros within the next four years.

In a virtual message to Congress, the American billionaire and boss Bill Gates announces he will donate up to 1.2 billion euros For this fundraiser against polio, a disease that continues to wreak havoc in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The fight against polio was also mentioned in the congratulatory message. Chancellor Olaf Scholz. After demanding that these diseases, already considered obsolete for the most industrialized world, “not be out of focus”, announced an item of 35 million euros for this world fund.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of “following the advice of scientists,” Scholz said. These, too, have reacted and managed to develop vaccines to combat it in an “incredibly short time”, demonstrating the “strong need”. investing in researchin addition to health.

In the name of Intervening Sandra Gallina, European Commission (EC) Director-General of Food Health and Safetyreminding that the fight for global health includes tackling inequalities, and eradicate poverty.

Sponsored by French President Scholz, Emmanuel Macron and Senegalese Macky Sall, the Health Summit thus opened in a mixed format between face-to-face interventions like the chancellor’s and virtual messages, including Gates’s.

Priority items on the agenda, climate change and healthIn addition to food security and the devastation caused by the war in Ukraine, as well as taking precautions against new variants of covid and vaccine campaigns.

“We are in critical times. Pandemic, war and climate change coming together“, said Tedros. “When health is at risk, everything is at risk,” said the WHO director-general.

The opening ceremony will be followed up by the end of the summit on Tuesday, with some interventions and presentations. 300 experts from around the worldIn addition to the participation of government representatives from a hundred countries.

“Global health is a fundamental foundation for a safe and cohesive society,” said Axel Pries, Professor of Medicine, a member of the chair of the Charité University Clinic, which co-organized the summit with WHO.

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