Argentina’s former Health Minister Macri accused of diverting public money to his foundation

During his presidency in September 2018 Mauricio Macri on Republic Argentina, new government cuts were implemented, affecting the reduction of ministries. counter blow Ministry of HealthIt included brutal budget cuts, a broken health care system, and a lack of purchasing power, discounted into the Secretariat. association now Social Justice Lawyers (AJUS) La Plata was the then minister’s office between September and December of the same year. Adolf Rubinstein Destiny 7 million pesos (45 thousand euros) for research projects of two foundations, one of which is affiliated to him.

this Institute of Clinical and Healthcare Efficiency (IECS) is one of two organizations that received public funding from the State in 2018. Before Rubinstein invaded the Argentine Health portfolio, he thought: Executive Director The other foundation named after the company where he developed his professional career and returned to after leaving public office GEDYTSwelcomed Celsa Julia Ismailwho assumed the directorship of the National Cancer Institute, to which the items were assigned.

Association of Lawyers for Social Justice (AJUS) filed the complaint with the court and Anti-Corruption Office, the former minister opened another case for a subject with similar characteristics. For AJUS, the case must be investigated as a case. offense of abuse of power and violation of the duties of public officials. “The charge is based on the fact that a person has taken an action for his own benefit and/or by a third party – the IECS foundation – through a contract or operation in which he intervened because of his position,” the lawyer said. Luis Eduardo Amadeo in the presentation. As such, he is accused of “misconduct, improperly donating or making donations, or claiming more rights than the corresponding IECS”.

litigation history

Rubinstein held his position government of Argentina Mauricio Macri on February 21, 2017. Initially, he was the Ministry of Health Promotion Secretary, later promoted. Minister of Health and later, already in 2018, he became the Government Secretary of the new Ministry of Health and Social Development. From the position of Minister, Celsa Julia Ismail (other beneficiary) address National Cancer Institute. Ismael took over the post on 6 July 2018 and was functionally subordinate to the minister despite being a decentralized area.

The letter states, “There is no need to delve into the relationship, influence, and reference between the Ministry and the Institute,” because Dr. Ismael seems to have accepted his position”Thanks to Rubinstein’s suggestion“. His descent to the National Cancer Institute, triggered funding and, according to the lawyers’ complaint, the bidding processes are “quick and fast”.

Chronology of events

The first of the irregularities was dated September 4, 2018, when he was appointed. IECS a subsidy as part of the project Socioeconomic Determinants of Patients and the Impact of Migrant Flowsinside Different stages of the continuum of care for cancer patients in Argentinawith payment 669,700 pesos Argentines.

The second payment takes place on November 23 of the same year, when another grant is allocated to the same institution, this time. three million pesos in a single payment, on the occasion of another project. Finally, on December 6, 2018, Celsa Julia Ismail assigned to the foundation GEDIT a subsidy for 2,991,600 pesos Argentines, within the framework of the project Diagnosis and implementation of educational strategies in pilot testing ‘National Program for the Prevention and Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer in Mendoza’‘.

Julia Celsa IsmaeI left public service on March 1, 2020. Two months later, he was appointed general manager of GEDYT. Rubinsteinafter that leaving the health portfolioHe went back to IECS, where “they created it or (itself) created it. director position a function that a new field” continues to perform today.

The AJUS association that signed the complaint is questioning the allocation of legal but directed public funds, not projects or research work. They also highlight that: Public Ethics Law prohibits the authorities from intervening in matters with which they have been or have been personally connected for at least the last three years. included in this rule recruitment, subsidiesbenefits and other activities.

Another scandal from the ex-minister

this is not the first Rubinstein is questioned. In December last year, he submitted a file for a series of investigations to the current Department of Health Anti-Corruption Office. scholarships your program health research, It aims to pay for IECS projects. The former minister approved the call for help, then Eight out of 25 IECS research assignments. The fight against corruption demanded explanations that never came. In the end, it was decided that Rubinstein “did not comply with the duties of abstention” governing him and was breaking the law. cases conflict of interest cross and fixed During the Macri governmentcitations in the media become habitual revolving doors or directed public policies

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