State Public Health Agency, object of desire of all communities

  • Galicia and Asturias are the last regions already made by Aragon, Valencian Community or Andalusia to house the body; Health says nothing has been decided yet

  • Some communities, such as Andalusia, complain about the lack of information from Health to know the requirements that candidates must have.

  • Public health experts don’t think the center will be real until at least 2023.

Galicia and Asturias are the last communities to apply to host. State Public Health Agency (AESAP) as they did before AndalusiaAragon or Valencian Community. To house the headquarters of the future body necessary to combat health emergencies such as the pandemic. coronavirusdead object of desire of all regions. Nothing has been decided at this time. What the minister said carolina darias. Of course, the claim of the part passes shortening times “as much as possible” so that the center is where it is, be real as soon as possible. Among the communities that carry out their duties at a higher level, Aragon. For consulted public health professionals SPAIN NEWSPAPERCreation of AESP It’s already too late.

The organization’s structuring became important once again last Friday. The Interregional Council was held in Santiago. At the meeting between the Minister and the Health Councils of the autonomous communities, the draft bill approved by the State Public Health Agency in the first round, minister council and that it will pass through this body again before the end of 2022. to be sent to the courts. This was announced by the head of Health, who announced that the public consultation process has been completed and is now his own department. under observation.

The role of this center, a historic claim of public health experts, will be to anticipate new health crises.

The role of this centerA historic claim from public health experts– anticipating new health crises and improving, expanding and connecting the existing surveillance network with the community. autonomous communities and with European institutions. His duties include analysis and study, policy evaluation and public interventionstechnical advice or precautionary advice to health authorities and, of course, coordination of response to health emergencies. coronavirus crisis.

Health in active listening

Minister Carolina Darias In Santiago, some communities, for example Galicia or Asturiaspointed out that although they “continue to recommend” that this organization be its headquarters, the question of where the million-dollar AESAP will be located has yet to be decided. “We continue to listen actively so that the decision is taken when the time comes. Each of the communities meets the conditions“, stated the Presidency of Health on this matter.

Health states that periods are intended to be “shortened as much as possible,” but does not give exact dates for when this might happen.

preliminary invoice The creation of the center of the future will again pass through the Council of Ministers to be sent to the Cortes before the end of 2022. This is the State Agency It won’t be real until 2023?. from Ministry of Healththe answer this newspaper consults, once it arrives Congressthe text should pass “processing of Cortes”.

Yes, they state that it is designed to “shorten as much as possible” times, but they do not give exact dates for when it can be established.. As for the venue selection procedure, they add, “derived from regulations”For this reason, they state that we should wait to see the regulations of the body that will be organically connected to the Ministry, through the Ministry. Minister of Health.

Distance race

intention State do you have a center “autonomy functional“and staff the highest scientific-technical education in different fields and subjects. a center of excellence more necessary than ever in a context where there is a health crisis, such as covid caught up with Spain without a strengthened public health system to deal with emergencies with unforeseen consequences.

There are several communities that are embarking on a long-distance race for home ownership. this is top notch center. There are even some Madridwho complained be out of competition because, from the very first moment, the purpose of Health was decentralized. So, AESP is outside the capital of Spain. “It’s a strategic mistake,” they whined from the presiding community. Isabel Diaz Ayuso.

Aragon’s first steps

Among the regions with the most advanced missions, Aragon. “It is logistically strategic between Madrid and Barcelona and has good connections to the airport. It also has a good research fabric and one of its strong points is networking, database systems they argued that the community is already developed and can be applied to the agency. health departmentconsulted by SPAIN NEWSPAPER.

Actually, Aragon started to take the first steps Presenting the nomination to AESAP headquarters with the constitution and first meeting of a technical group led by the Minister of Health, Sira Repollesand by the Director General of Public Health, Francis Xavier Falo’s photo.. from the Ministry of Health itself, the Aragon Institute of Health Sciences, the Aragon Institute for Health Research, the University of Zaragoza and St George’s University.

From here. this support group will thrive first offer Emphasizing the strengths of the Aragonese capital to host the agency, Ministry of Health formally determines the conditions that the candidacy must have. In the second phase, which will start soon, all institutions and organizations, can play a relevant role in the proposal.

The Valencian Community reiterates its interest

Valencian Community another of the areas that have previously shown an interest in hosting this state headquarters. It echoes the questions from the newspaper, the availability from the Ministry of Health. Another region where the bets are intense is Andalusia. Minister of Health and Consumption, Catherine GarciaHe stressed that he would make a “very strong, written and well discussed” proposal to become the agency’s headquarters. Grenade as a priority. Exactly the same candidacy advocated by the Secretary of Institutional Action and Municipalism earlier. We can make Andalusia, Alejandra Duran As a criterion for the trajectory of the province of Andalusia in health research.

Andalusia works internally on the basis of the project and within the program “with the little information we have and the Ministry has reported”.

From Health and Consumption They explain to this newspaper that there is no committee in this community like in Aragon, but a working group chaired by the general secretary and the director general of Public Health, Isaac Tunis and Jorge del Diego, respectively. This group works internally on a program and project basis. little information we have and the Ministry announced it”. They add that they will not form a committee until Carolina Darias’ department reports on requirements or features.

Asturias also offered to host the headquarters. This was confirmed by the Minister of Health last Friday. Paul Fernandez, after joining Santiago at the Interregional Council. It is exactly the same day that Galicia is also known. applied at the same addressAs confirmed by the Minister of Health, Julio Garcia Comesana.

Delay in startup

As for when AESAP will be born, the experts consulted by this paper assure that it is already too late. Spanish Association of Public Health and Health Administration (SESPAŞLAR) is one of the scientific societies that prepared a timely report. with specific points to facilitate decisions about how the new entity should be expressed. A document sent to the Health Commission Congress of Deputies and the Health Commission Senate.

Professor Ildefonso Hernandez, public health professor Miguel Hernandez University (UMH) Elche (Alicante) was responsible for coordinating the team. from thirty experts from the various fields that have prepared this proposal. On the pages of this newspaper last summer, due to the time taken into account, creation was not close.

in the same line, Joan Carles MarchProfessor at the Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP), State Agency “No doubt going to 2023”. Regarding the nominations, he adds, “the first thing a city or autonomous community should have.” public health is good. It is clear that not all communities show this. Pandemic have the best.”

Joan Carles March points to Aragon, Asturias, Galicia or Andalusia as good candidates.

One key issue he examines is that this place has “a center that helps promote good public health.” He points to Catalonia, which “has a good surveillance system and has both ISglobal centers and universities”; to Valencia “There are good university centers”, to Aragon with its public health institute, or to Asturias, which “managed the epidemic well.” Galicia may also be a good option and Andalusia, Andalusian School of Public Healthin Granada, which is truly a hub of cooperation world Health Organization (WHO). “Added value,” he concludes.

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