Tassano at a meeting on science and technology: “We bet on a city with innovation, knowledge and opportunity”

The Mayor participated in the first of the “Technoscience” training and update event organized by the Provincial Ministry of Science and Technology and held within the scope of the National Week on the subject. In this sense, the municipality accompanied the initiative by disseminating its own programs and special workshops, which it presented and had significant repercussions.

The first edition of “Technoscience”, a local event organized by the Ministry, was held this Monday morning, as science and technology play a key role in the development of the city and the province and also awaken the professions on the subject. Provincial Department of Science and Technology, accompanied by the Municipality of Corrientes.

Mayor Eduardo Tassano also attended the meeting, which was held as part of the National Science and Technology Week, established across the country from October 17 to Monday, 24.

The events in Corrientes were held in the new Administrative Center’s Julián Zini auditorium, where new concepts were taught and presented throughout the day. In the installed panels “Business intelligence”, “Science and health”, “Development of electric cars”, “Science as an engine for the development of the regional crop”, “blockchain/Cryptocurrencies” and “Science and Livestock”. Speakers from different institutions and academic institutions attended.

In addition to Deputy Governor Pedro Braillard Poccard Tassano; Pedro Cassani, speaker of the House of Representatives; Jorge Antonio Gómez, Minister of Science and Technology; Micaela Stefani Van der Woerd, undersecretary of the provincial portfolio; as well as Municipal Economic Development Secretary Juan Esteban Maldonado Yonna; among other officials and special guests.


As part of the development of the event, Tassano said, “We are accompanying this very important event organized by the Provincial Ministry of Science and Technology, where advanced topics in scientific knowledge are revealed.”

In this context, he stated that for Corrientes, the issue is transcendent to “generate ideas and deepen innovation”, adding that “we want to have a city that develops the talents of its people and can offer opportunities in this regard”. “, he argued.

“We bet on a city with innovation, knowledge and opportunity,” he said. “All sciences are important in the development of knowledge. So much so that developed countries have a great tradition in this regard,” Tassano added.

In addition, “the support given to technological development has become widespread in the city and is a fundamental area; We see this, for example, in the innovations applied in initiatives, in scientific knowledge, which has always had a great commitment, added to all the activities we do in the educational type”.


Referring to the conference, the Provincial Minister of Science and Technology said, “The premise of technoscience is that the scientific world, which is one of the most important fields after the pandemic today, has a space to tell about some of its projects or studies.

“We aim to create these spaces because we need the community to know what researchers are doing, but also adding to them entrepreneurs who are part of a field where innovation, science and technology intersect,” he said. In the same sense, Gómez pointed out that “This field is a contribution for both sectors and the undertakers have the opportunity to say what their projects are”.

Referring to the importance of science and technology today, the provincial official said, “We are in a vortex where this subject is immersed in almost every field, so experiences are important and new generations are encouraged to take on. With its academic presence, public officials and others, we decided to join all sectors.”

Finally, the Minister of Science and Technology “discussed six issues with professionals from different fields; For example, we talked about electric cars, which is a very important thing in terms of the consequences of climate change,” he said. “Other offers considered” blockchain (cryptocurrency wallet and cryptocurrency exchange) and cryptocurrencies, business intelligence, science and health, science as the engine of regional development, and science in animal husbandry. “We engage with the agenda regarding Corrientes and regional issues by supporting the generative matrix.”


“In this day dominated by technoscience, they gave us the opportunity to tell us what has been done in terms of education and training carried out around the information and technology economy, one of the axes that the mayor first brought up. year, within the framework of the economic development program for young people”, underlined the Municipal Economic Development Secretary Juan Esteban Maldonado Yonna.

“We are working to expand this type of training. On this occasion, we were giving an account of the registrations that we started together with Argentec, which will be open for another week, which creates a link through the Local Innovation Network (RIL),” said Maldonado Yonna. Introduction to web programming; Community manager for entrepreneurs; and Introduction to robotics for teachers.

The official then highlighted the stigma of the Tassano-led municipal administration, which consists of providing support (among other things) in the field of technological developments and advancing in cooperation with the private sector; all this on the premise that Corrientes established itself as a modern city full of opportunities: “The mayor wants us to continually generate these examples of accompaniment and intimacy with the entrepreneurs they want to train and learn from, and the entrepreneurs who basically drive them. efforts and entrepreneurial power for businesses that develop in the city, pointing to technology; and it’s important that Corrientes gets on that train,” he thought.


Notes: Eduardo Tassano – manager; Jorge Antonio Gómez – Provincial Minister of Science and Technology; Juan Esteban Maldonado Yonna – Municipal Economic Development Secretary.

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