Apple grows its advertising business by harming others in the digital economy

There are two big players in the online advertising universe – for years. Google and Facebook shared most of the market, leaving the crumbs to other players. But things are changing. The growth of some new names like TikTok has led to an axis in ad spend.

However, in addition to this, new players are emerging who want to take a piece of the advertising pie. Amazon has done well, becoming the third largest global name in advertising, but others want to follow in its footsteps and generate ad revenue. The Netflix example is the closest and almost the most obvious, but it is far from the only one. Apple is one of the surprisingly rising names, and its history is full of calculated moves. It should be noted that the privacy changes on the iPhone have completely changed the online advertising market. the company itself is a major beneficiary.

Now Apple expand where and when you serve ads, is headed to become one of the great advertising empires of the not-too-distant future. A few months ago, Apple doubling your staff its advertising section. Today, his bets look better than ever before.

Beyond the rumors that show it Ads will come to Apple TV+, As the streaming service (and more recent rate hikes), the growth of ad space in the Apple universe is already a reality. This week alone, the number of ads your App Store contains grew up. Today tab and related applications are opened to advertisements. These are more ad space, more potential revenue, and not so positive, more reputation headaches.

These early days with more announcements have shown that The effect has been the growth of app advertising like casinos and bookies Publish apple orbsomething that is hardly recommended at the reputation level (for now, this is what is seen in markets where Apple has already enabled ads and not in Spain, where such ads are regulated by law and Apple still has your ad bet to enable).

Victimized by the new Apple

equally, Apple’s entry into the ad market has collateral damage. Beyond the euro investment it will receive – and formerly going to competitors – there is the question of how things have changed to reach the consumers of those who depend on their terminals. Privacy rules have already sunk Facebook or curtailed email marketinghowever, the new changes he has made now will push these players even more.

this new rules for the use of in-app purchases (and to download apps from social networks, you need to go through the official Apple store) sponsored posts and content they are also in-app purchases, so you get 30% commission on sales. The real hit of this decision is Aim (The company that owns Facebook or Instagram) has a very important source of income in such promotions.

in your statements Boundarythey have lamented He Apple is growing its business by hurting others in the “digital economy”. In fact, according to American media, what is feared internally is not so much the impact it will have (it will be limited to what happens when a user says yes, they want to promote or sponsor this post), but Apple’s application of these terms to all in-app ad sales sets a precedent.

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