Period as a vital sign of health: doubts about amenorrhea

    I want you to be clear about the concept. menstrual cycle like a sign VITAL all for us. It gives us information about us. Health in general: if our menstrual cycle It’s not going well, something is wrong with our health.

    “And why are you telling us this now, Mer?? Since most of us don’t give us this information and I think it’s very important that we know how to listen to our bodies. this discomfort shaped menstrual cycle irregularities, absence anyone ache Being excessive is an indication that something is not right in our health and we need to be aware of this in order to act accordingly.

    healthy lifestyle habits such as feed balanced, to exercise arrange, respect to break or manage our stress They are the BASIC pillars to have good health and therefore a healthy menstrual cycle.

    Let’s review the questions I asked you at the beginning:

    Why? are we menstruating?

      Biologically, menstruation occurs as a result of ovulation (no ovulation no periods). From this ovulation, our uterus prepares to accommodate a possible pregnancy: the lining of the uterus grows and acts like a “little house”. When this pregnancy does not happen, we menstruate: the inner layer of the uterus comes out in the form of menstruation. In order for this ovulation to occur, our brain sends an order from a place called the pituitary gland. As you can see, the bleeding we experience every month is the result of complex equipment that goes smoothly if health is present. On the contrary, when it fails, you say to me in counseling: “Mer hasn’t been in for more than three months” or “Mer, I don’t understand why, but my periods are very long and I have them. months when he didn’t come”, to give a few examples.

      Back then…

      Whatand What happens when the period stops coming?

      This is what we call gynecologists. amenorrhea. Absence of menstruation at certain stages of a woman’s life is physiological: pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause… but when do we stop coming out of these states? we call it hypothalamic amenorrheafunctional mica, And it’s much more common than we think.

      Rather than worry you, I would like to explain why this is happening and why we should consult a gynecologist. its origin brainthat’s why it’s called hypothalamusamica, forks functional because he is a adaptation response from the body itself. It is NOT a disease per se, but a reaction from our body.

      Our body is very smart and when it senses that our energy consumption is much more than the “gasoline” we put into it to work “save mode”. like batteries smart phones! To save energy, it disables non-vital functions and allocates all energy resources to keep the organism alive. In the case of menstruation, the body interprets that it is having a period. stressandsto staynt and enable “mear flight(Have you ever heard of the word “fight or flight”?) Number It is a basic function. Therefore, its function is “off”. As I told you, menstruation is a very complex and intense process for the body, and when it interprets that we cannot afford it, it gives up on it. Did you know that?

      to doWhatand Should we analyze when we lack the rule?

        Before going to the gynecologist with this question, do a self-analysis and ask yourself these questions:

        Are you eating right?

        It’s not about counting calories, it’s not about following a special diet: It’s about eating GOOD food. Sometimes you are surprised when I ask you how you eat, but it is very important for you to understand this. variety of feeding (with healthy fats, adequate carbohydrates and protein) NECESSARY For our menstrual cycle to work properly.

        How much exercise am I doing?

        Those of you who know me know that physical exercise is good for health, but it is very important to know that in case of abortion, too much of it can also cause a problem. So I want you to know that the way to get your period back is NOT to quit any exercise, but we need to make sure that the amount of food we eat is sufficient to bear it. outside. For all this, many times we will have to consult an expert nutritionist to help us with all those little things we don’t know about, however, well done, I assure you!

        How do I rest? Am I going through a highly stressful phase (physical, emotional, work…)?

        We live in such a “productive” society that “the more, the better” seems to be rewarded. But our body needs REST to get better. Please do not underestimate this third point, which is sometimes very difficult to deal with. Feel free to consult a psychologist, acupuncturist, practice mindfulness, or anything else aimed at teaching us to relax if you need to.

            If you look, we’re talking about food, exercise, and stress. With these three areas as pillars for a healthy menstruation, you can imagine. hypothalamic amenorrhea More stylish especially because of the pace of life that the society we live in is pushing us. But just because it’s more frequent doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stop studying it or pay attention to it.

            The absence of a rule is only the visible part. iceberg: basically everything that we do not see, that our body suffers and tells us with this sign.

            Don’t forget: menstruation is a vital sign of healthand if there is a problem with it, we must take action to get it back.

            Tell me: did you know all this that I told you?

            Gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Marimer Pérez has dedicated 22 years to his passion for his profession. In recent years, she has dedicated herself to conscientious outreach work on social networks, always based on empathy and fresh and attractive language that drives towards building a wider community of women. She is the founder of WoMer, the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Health and Care in Barcelona, ​​where she has managed to assemble a multidisciplinary team of professionals who care for patients of all ages at different life stages.

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