The Government of Castilla-La Mancha will allocate about 15m euros to sports this legislative period, 30 percent more than before.

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha, this legislature, will allocate approximately 15 million euros in public aid to federations, clubs, athletes and sporting events in the Autonomous Community. This was highlighted by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Rosa Ana Rodriguez, in her speech at the opening of the ‘Financial Incentives for Sports Patronage and the Next Generation EU Assistance Plan’ conference organized by the Superior Youth and Sports Foundation. The Sports Council (CSD) and the regional Administration have a collaboration between the digital newspaper and the Fundación Impulsa Castilla-La Mancha.

This conference, attended by CSD Presidency Cabinet Chairman Juan Fernández Carnicer, aims to announce exceptional public interest events (AEIP) and priority activities of protection (APM). By the CSD and the foundation, which declares tax benefits to companies that support the implementation of sports projects.

The head of Education, Culture and Sport noted that support for the sport of Castile-Manchego has increased since President Emiliano García-Page took office. During his first term as the Castilian-Manchego Executive chairman, aid to clubs was withdrawn, and the money allocated to Castilian-Manchego sport in the current period has increased by more than 30 percent compared to the previous one.

The most important donations of five million euros detailed by the consultant were made to support the sports federations owned by Castilla-La Mancha; then 4.4 million aid to different clubs participating in national competitions; Around 900,000 euros will be allocated to help elite athletes in the region. Subsidies for organizing special attention sporting events are estimated at 640,000 euros.

In addition, Rodriguez added that in recent years, special assistance has been given to alleviate some of the losses caused by the lack of income of clubs due to the suspension of competitions during the pandemic, for which 230,000 euros have been allocated; and for municipalities that had to adapt their sports facilities due to the rise of teams from their regions. For this purpose, 700.000 Euro has been allocated.

To these amounts should be added more than €1.5 million for sponsorship of major national and international events in the region such as La Vuelta Ciclista a España; The matches of the National Football Team both in the absolute category and under the age of 21; cyclocross, handball, karate, badminton, paddle tennis or adapted disciplines tournaments not only make the region the center of attention for sports, but also represent a tourist attraction wherever they are held.

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700,000 euros will be allocated for the implementation of the sports recipe in Castilla-La Mancha and another 900,000 euros to promote women’s and inclusive sports; Both amounts are from the Spanish Government’s Resilience Plan.

Castile-La Mancha encourages companies to invest in sport

On the other hand, the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports underlined the initiative of the Spanish Government to give financial incentives to companies that support athletes, exceptional public interest organizations and programs such as folk sports, women’s universe or women’s universe. including sports, “something that aligns with the goals we’re working on from Castilla-La Mancha”.

“The support our athletes have already received from Castile-La Mancha companies is something that has decisively contributed to the good sporting moment our Autonomous Community is experiencing,” said Rodriguez. However, he added that they should continue to add special support, which they see as a great option in the sports industry, to reinforce their company’s image and brand.

“It’s not just the help we can give to sports from different public administrations, but private companies also need to be involved to make this leap in quality,” the head of sports said.

The consultant gave a message to our “entrepreneurs”. “We need you for many things, but we also need you to support the sport.” And he added that these conferences will “support the public-private cooperation that the regional government has always believed in, in all fields and sports.”

During these conferences, Félix Jordán de Urríes, executive director of the Youth Sports Foundation of the Supreme Sports Council, made the first presentation introducing these tools and explained the processes followed both in patron status and to formalize the organizations cooperation. as well as beneficiaries in each of the initiatives.

Afterwards, Futbolellas Women’s Football Club project was presented as a success story of the use of these tools. Its President, Ana Rodríguez Quirós, detailed her experiences as a participant in the club’s primary patronage activity, ‘Spain Competes’.

As a final touch to the conference, Aitor Canibe, Deputy Director General of Promotion and Innovation and Sport Promotion, High Council of Sports, touched on the helpline for sports within the framework of the funds allocated by Europe to repair the damage. In his presentation on the “Sports and Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Programme” on the COVID-19 crisis. Helplines”.

Julián Garde, rector of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, among others; Ana Muñoz, Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports; Carlos Yuste, General Manager of Youth and Sports; Javier de Antonio, president of the Toledo Business Federation (Fedeto); businessmen; Sports councilors from various municipal councils in the region; and representatives of sports clubs and federations of the Autonomous Community.

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