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They work from Aldeas Infantiles SOS to win rights. child mental health Be a reality in situations of vulnerability, too, for boys, girls, teenagers and teens. To do this, they offer individual psychological care in family therapy and animal assisted intervention programs and services.

Within the Spanish healthcare system, mental health is also largely forgotten when it comes to children. For this reason, SOS Children’s Villages demand that the budgets allocated for this purpose be increased, that Child Psychiatry expertise should be included in its body, or that teams specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of the effects of childhood abuse should be formed.

Around 300,000 boys and girls in Spain are growing up or at risk of losing it without parental care. A reality that seriously puts their emotional, physical and mental development at risk. Through their Children’s Villages programs, they seek to provide a foster family environment for underprivileged boys and girls and to strengthen vulnerable families.

These minors face a high risk of mental health disorders because of their traumatic experiences, in addition to the situation resulting from the pandemic, which puts children’s mental health in an uncertain and complex scenario.

Prevention and monitoring

In fact, more than 50,000 children growing up without parental care in Spain have had traumatic experiences in their lives, with nearly half receiving some form of mental health treatment, the organization notes. Therefore, psychological monitoring and evaluation is “necessary” to detect and treat the impact of the pandemic and avoid medium and long-term mental health problems.

The training of responsible professionals is essential to know how to prevent, identify and act in any situation. The minor’s environment is also fundamental to his proper emotional development and recovery.

Many of these young people cared for by SOS Children’s Villages have experienced some form of physical or psychological abuse, and sometimes even abuse. Additionally, when dealing with long-term events, minors can develop some form of mental illness that causes anxiety, depression, attention problems, disruptive behavior, or social isolation.

Children, youth and adolescents from SOS Children’s Villages believe that mental health is “a right” and that society should “assure and pay particular attention to those who have to face traumatic situations”, because “there is no mental health without mental health”. health”.

SOS Children’s Villages have been working in Spain since 1967 to help vulnerable children become self-sufficient and integrate into society. To do this, they have a variety of programs in which they support families at risk of being excluded so they can protect their children, thereby providing them with a foster family environment in which they can grow up feeling loved and respected.

Also, when minors cannot live with their parents, Aldeas Infantiles offers them a family environment with a stable reference person who takes care of them and gives them the necessary love for their holistic development. While offering adolescents a companion for maturation and independence processes.

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