Health EU issues three regulations in November

European institutions gave significant support to the so-called ‘configuration’ this week.European Health Union‘, the EU’s project to strengthen health policies, which started after the explosion of its definition Covid-19 pandemictaking advantage of the experience gained.

especially, Recommendation European adopted three health regulations It is designed to strengthen the existing legal framework and improve the EU’s capacity to respond to any health warning. Therefore, action has been taken in the areas of prevention, preparedness, surveillance, risk assessment, early warning and intervention.

These three new rules, which will come into effect in November, add to the expanded mandate of the EMA from March 1, 2022.

As detailed in Brussels, the new rules are: threats cross border regulation on extended tenure that is serious in terms of health European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and emergency framework regulation aimed at conferring additional powers European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA).

In addition to these three new regulations, which will come into force in November, the EU already has an active regulation on the extended mandate. European Medicines Agency (EMA) Effective from 1 March 2022.


Regarding the first of the regulations, there will be several improvements in the EU: cross-border threat and a “more integrated” surveillance system; an “accurate” risk assessment and a “targeted” response; a “robust” mechanism for the joint purchase of medical countermeasures; and the possibility of taking joint measures at European level.

ECDC will have a working group to streamline health interventions at the local level; meanwhile HERA will have a new health crisis council

with regard to strengthening ECDCThe new regulation plans to set up a health working group “to help local agencies implement rapid health responses in the event of a serious disease outbreak.” On the other hand, this institution will host a new network of reference laboratories of excellence and will be responsible for developing digital platforms for epidemiological surveillance.

Finally, HERA It will have a new health crisis council to “gain efficiency and operability in public health emergencies.” Thus, it will be responsible for coordinating the supply of medical countermeasures and facilitating their access. Similarly, reserve production capacities can be activated, such as the EU-FAB project designed to produce vaccines and medicines in health emergencies.


These three new regulations have been defined as “the pillars of our European Health Union”. stella Kyriakides, health and food safety commissioner between EU.

“Through a stronger ECDC, a stronger HERA and the EU’s enhanced role in preventing, preparing and managing cross-border threats to health, tools In addition It is to react quickly and to respond to emerging health crises with determination and unity.”

Because health is what we all need…

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