“I’m proud to be in my grandparents’ business, I always remember them working”

Andres Parra Parra [APP] Y Anna Parra Gonzales [APG] They are father-daughter, sons and grandchildren of Bartolomé and Ana Josefa, who sow the seeds of a humble company. Huercal Overa, which today has become one of Levante’s leading companies in citrus, fruit trees, pig breeding and the sale of feed and phytosanitary products. The grandparents left the job in the best possible hands, those of their children. Andres, Diego and Isabel. And like the happy twig growing out of the tree, some of the grandchildren are already joining the family business started in Huercalense’s tiny home. Bartholomew and Ana Josefaand today it already has an important ship in the region. Jumper.

– The third generation of the family for the company BPZ Comercial Agricola.

–APP: My daughter and nephews already work here. Some join the family business and others are at the door, proud that we continue with the company of my family, their grandparents.

There are few things better at work than continuing the family business.

–APP: It’s best for parents to collaborate and contribute what they know always works. Finally, this is very good for business because we provide the best service to customers. We strive to be more competitive and better every day.

– What memories does Andrés have of when the company belonged to his family?

–APP: It was a very small store, much more modest than what we had. It was something else, it was close to where they lived. My mom is still alive, my memories are great, what can I tell you [se emociona]. My father died almost twenty years ago, they were the pillars of this business and the ones who taught us to work. Thanks to them, we have business and live with dignity.

– How do you finish your education and get a job or a company?

–APP: My younger brother was the first in this business. I joined later, I did banking for 18 years, but I always loved agriculture. The job was at my home, we served the public where I lived. My sister is an Agricultural Engineer, she joined and now some of our children are also getting jobs.

“My parents were the pillar of this business, they taught us everything, thanks to them we work with dignity”

-How long did you give the company that your parents left you for?

–APP: They had all the work in our house and we raised it. But it’s basically the same job. Everything is more modern with photovoltaic installations, self-consumption. It’s not an easy job, you have to work hard because sometimes the pigs go bad, sometimes the citrus fruits don’t work… But we survive.

– What is it like to work at your parents’ and grandparents’ business?

–APG: A pride for all the efforts my grandparents, parents, and uncles put into achieving everything they’ve achieved.

– What advice do they give you?

–APG: They help us, teach and advise us to grow both professionally and personally.

– Do you like the industry? Has he seen himself in this world?

–APG: No, the truth is, I didn’t see myself working here, but after graduating from university and wanting to continue the job my grandfather grew up in, I started my career in the industry.

-How is your day today?

–APG: Mainly office work such as customer service as well as running the company’s social networks.

– Do you remember when your grandfather worked?

-AG: Of course. Ever since I was little, I’ve spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house and work since I’ve been in the same place, and I always remember them working. Regardless of the hour and day, they were always with their customers at the foot of the canyon. To this day, many customers remind me when they went to my grandparents’ little store and how hard they worked. This is very nice.

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