Patrimony makes biggest investment to preserve La Salud’s building

Ministry of Heritage last year. Largest investment in maintenance of facilities in recorded history municipal property owned by groups Carnival mostly occupying the premises of the old La Salud market. In total, the municipal contribution to these venues rose to half a million euros last year, and this is no exception, the usual practice and dedication of José Manuel Bermúdez’s government team, according to Heritage Councilor Juan. Jose Martinez.

In global numbers, from Patrimony Last year, 1.1 million euros were invested in the cleaning and maintenance of municipal buildings, The budget, managed from Municipal Housing, to which a new item of €727,000 is added, faces another task. To date, 300,000 euros have been committed to this provision, with the rest released to be allocated to meet first-time needs.

Juan José Martínez said, “Although improvement work has already been carried out on the premises of carnival groups, as well as on municipal property benefiting from associations connected with citizen participation, this government team does not leave the neighborhood of La Salud, but we are on standby and economically equipped to intervene when necessary ».

He also recalled that, in parallel with the maintenance of the municipal facilities benefited by the Carnival groups, the Infrastructure Department is working on a comprehensive project to develop the old market in the La Salud district.

in detail

From June 7, 2021 to date, the Municipal Housing has received commission from the Heritage Department, both areas managed by Juan José Martínez to intervene in the twenty local Carnival groups located in the lower part of the old market de La. Salud, plus two more on the top floor. In these actions, in a total of twenty-two headquarters in La Salud, Patrimonio invested 345,000 euros, in addition to 57,554 euros for the improvement of the facades of the houses on Calle de La Noria. “live,” explains the district councillor, referring to actions that have been budgeted and pending.

To this money are added expenses in the case of maintenance improvements at the headquarters of the Autonomous Festivals Organisation, which is on the “annual list in municipal offices for the year 2022” and benefiting from greater contributions, totaling 48,273. –36,373 Euro–, minor repair costs in Ni Fú-Ni Fá (122 Euro), Masa Coral Tenerife (189 Euro), Triqui-Traques (4,338 Euro), Peña del Lunes (682 Euro), Bahía Bahitiare (812 Euro) includes. Euros), Los Bohemios (240 euros), Jocikudos (2,425 euros), Guachipanduzy (533 euros), Lenguas Largas (27 euros), a general epigraph appearing as local murgas in the neighborhood of La Salud (1,400 euros), Pita-Pitos (82 euros) ), Rumberos (36 Euros), Canarian Nobility (77 Euros), Casa del Carnaval (714 Euros) or Los Yuppies (223 Euros). These are listed as general expenses without going into details.


From there, Heritage provides a detailed list. Improvements to twenty-two buildings in the La Salud district, which included a payment of 345,000 euros and in most cases it involved reorienting the building door, dampening ceilings and walls, plastering moisture, painting the building walls as well as the access door, fastening interior doors. In addition to the internal locksmithing of the trunk and ladder, as well as the overhaul of the electrical installation, it remains to eliminate possible electrical contacts and roll back all these defective elements. It is the common denominator that has been intervened since June 2021. The comprehensive reform at Murga’s headquarters, which will amount to more than 120,000 euros, is not included in this list.

Long tongues.

Work is expected to begin on June 7, 2021 on this children’s spine, headed by Graci Martín, which is number 1 in the La Salud market with a starting budget of 11,250.94 euros and ended on 4 February 2022 with 12,660.70 euros. euro. As stated in the heritage report, a second reform was carried out at the same price from 3-10 March.


The budget of the venue, which is the adult murga directed by Luis Mariano González and where La Familia Monster from La Canción de la Risa is located today, reached 8,378 euros and increased to 9,498 euros.


The forecast on 7 June 2021 provided an investment of 15,825 euros, increased to 17,468 euros by the end of the study on 4 February; A second improvement was also made from March 3 to 10.


Works at the headquarters of this murga were scheduled for 22,781 euros and 22,368 were invested in works ending February 4 and were also finished in the first week of last March.


On 7 June, in addition to the improvement in the first week of March, an improvement at the headquarters of the senior children’s murga was set at 10,126 euros, which ended on 4 February to 11,381.

After with After.

Currently the second-oldest woman of attendees benefited from an improvement of 17,910 euros, above the initial estimate of 14,069 euros. The works were finalized on February 4th.


The Óliver Yanes children’s keel would receive an initial improvement of €18,260, which eventually rose to 21,491 upon completion of the study on February 4, 2022.


The main choreographic group benefited from an investment of €15,731 above the initial estimate of 14,202. It was also ready on February 4th.


Initially, the redevelopment of the headquarters was planned for 10,940 euros and was completed at a cost of 11,303 euros when delivered on 4 February, regardless of the auction held in the first week of March.


Initial work at the headquarters of this female murga set up in the final was budgeted at 20,326 euros and was completed at a value of 24,860 euros.


The initial cost at this group’s headquarters was expected to be 9,832 euros and the job was completed at a cost of 8,032 euros.


Dean’s band benefited from maintenance work worth 17,828 euros, above the expected 15,677 euros.


José Víctor Afonso’s music group received an investment of 8,138 euros in its own building, above the budgeted 7,361 euros.


The dean carnival society would receive a building investment of 38,885 euros, but in the end the maintenance work cost 19,282 euros. It was the jewel in the crown.

Baby carriages.

Ángel González’s children’s spine benefited from an improvement of 11,583 euros compared to an estimated 9,868 euros.

hustle and bustle.

The initial cost of the maintenance work was 10,071 and was finally finalized after an investment of 11,586 euros.

Sweet cane.

After an initial estimate of 17,358 euros, the reform cost 18,333 euros.


Juan José Coello’s children’s keel benefited from a reform of 14,742 euros compared to the planned 12,850 euros.

Canary nobility.

From 13,052 euros, the reform of Ms. Germi’s estate increased to 14,297 euros.


The improvement of the headquarters increased from the initial 14,622 euros to 17,064 euros.


In the upper part of the market, 14,150 euros were invested compared to 25,650 euros in the initial budget.

Bay of Bahitiare.

Zara Díaz Mendoza’s comparison is the only group where the budget and final implementation of the reform overlap: 22,214 euros.

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