Valencia CF: Gattuso: “Experience is enough, there are young players in Bara”

Gennaro Gattuso knows the game is against Barcelona it is especially complicated due to the situation in which the opponent and the team come later. three games where he added two points. The technician argues that it’s not a question of experience, it’s about how the matches go. He rounded up the stats and his team’s advanced in 8 of eleven games controversial. “We should have more points,” he complained. He then joked about his conflicts with Xavi as a player – “we played two different sports” – and when he finished the press conference, he asked Villa to be asked: “He’s a player on another level, it makes me happy. He has an appreciation”.

Important match, how to rebuild the team

Generous good. We have problems in midfield but not in defense, we just lost Diakhaby. We started the game from scratch like everyone else. We will find a solution to start the game with two or three players in the centre. Something we need to see and study

Foulquier in the middle of the pitch, as in Sevilla

We’ll see, but I don’t know. We have worked on how to play for Barcelona, ​​we will see if he can play in the center or in the lane depending on the moments of the match.

For this game to be a brave or conservative coach?

I like my team to follow a style of play. We will see how Barcelona play, we respect that, but my style of play will not change.

Best entry in Mestalla for years

There has always been a great atmosphere here. It should give us strength. I’m proud of that and I hope we play a great game so the fans can be proud of us.

Do you value any drawing changes?

As with Sevilla the other day, Foulquier can play in the center or on the wing, depending on whether the team has the ball or not.

Is Barcelona more dangerously eliminated from the Champions League?

I don’t know, I like to talk about my team. Barcelona are playing incredible football in the league.

Two teams with too many balls

We took the lead eight times in eleven games. And this is not possible if a team does not have quality. And it’s a fact that we need to develop if we play it a completely different way afterwards. I believe in this team very much, I am very confident in myself. The other day they told me I was sorry and that’s normal because, judging by how Valencia played, they are a team that should have scored 19 or 20 points. We are 15 people and we have to develop and work.

The mindset and experience of your team

We have to stop talking about the experience. Barcelona has young players and it’s enough to talk about this much experience. I don’t like this excuse. We have to finish here. We need to talk about what’s going on. What are we doing?

“This problem is killing me,” he said after Mallorca.

still killing me Most of the time a coach is a single man. They might tell me to put five lines to change this to another to protect the team. Right now we just have to keep going. There is only one way, and that is to work and talk as little as possible. As a player, I spent a year or two with fixed parts. We scored from set pieces in Milan and they looked at us negatively. When it is talked about a lot, it can affect, it can be a problem.

Matches against Xavi as a player

I am very happy to have met Xavi. He played and I ran a lot, he little. Because it was difficult to recover the ball when playing against Bara. we have He played two completely different sports. He played centre-forward… He’s a great coach, he’ll have a great career. I have great respect for him. A boy with a great head, a very special head. He loves football as I do. And it will be a pleasure and honor to meet him.

Attack in Monza with a crippled Valencian player Pablo Mar

I heard yesterday. These are the things that are a part of our life, sometimes we worry about the little things. I’m so sorry this happened and I hope he gets better soon.

If you were afraid of the lower team, what do you have against Barcelona?

All games scare me

Lewandowski scores many league goals

The problem is that Barcelona isn’t just Lewandowski. They have many players who can score goals. You need to play and talk a little. History speaks of many positive things about many actors. The party prepares itself. More difficult to prepare a match against Elche

Respect for the Villa

The villa is on another level. He’s a great striker, I’m so happy he has his party tomorrow. A player who played in many matches with the national jersey scored many goals.

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