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When the last classic is over, still with the players at the Bernabeu, Madrid players amongst themselves commented on Barça’s fragility in defense, especially surprised by the youth’s mood and football. “The kids were shaking. You’re back with a brioche”, half jokingly, half seriously, releasing from Madrid to a colleague from Barcelona. From the very beginning, Xavi had put Sergi Roberto, Koundé, Eric García and Balde in line. And the scoreboard turned white. : 3-1. The Madrid locker room’s analysis after Clásico is not far from the analysis of Barcelona’s Ciudad Deportiva after the Champions League loss to Bayern (0-3). (Koundé has already recovered, but Araujo and Christensen have not recovered) the team disbanded. Everything is related. You can have the best forwards, but if they don’t feel safe around the defenders, you have a problem,” they say in Sant Joan Despí.

The duel at the Bernabéu caused as much laughter as the fights in the box in the white dressing room. The Barça expedition led by President Joan Laporta, Target was Xavi. Some of the managers were surprised at Laporta’s anger. Others, who claim to know him better, say he is very grumpy. “It goes by fast,” they explain. In the field of sports, they agree: “This is very emotional.” However, the same sources emphasize that Xavi is not in danger after relegation to the Champions League. In any case, the message to the coaching team is clear: “We have to win something. We put a lot of effort into it.”

The board’s effort translates into selling assets for 727 million (Laporta’s leverages) to sign 153. An unnoticeable squad investment against Bayern. Barça is playing but not playing. They have the qualities, but they don’t go well with pressure and they’re not intense”, a member of Nagelsmann’s coaching team explained after the duel at Camp Nou. One thesis that Pedri accepts is: “They surpassed us in density.” In the Barça football department, they deepened the analysis: “We’re competing with the first defense in Munich,” they say, referring to the defense where Xavi lined up at Allianz with Koundé, Araujo, Christensen and Alonso. “No without them”, add the same sources; “The quality of groups is measured by their backups. And we still need to improve in this regard,” he said.

This Wednesday, Barça took the field with Bellerín, Koundé, Marcos Alonso and Balde. However, Xavi’s team was stunned by the physical strength of Nagelsmann’s children. “Football has evolved. Players with Barça DNA are needed, but they are physically strong. Watch the premier, talented athletes. In the Bundesliga they mix technique with physics. Here we are only aware of the technical”, they insist in the field of sports. So why didn’t Barcelona strengthen themselves better? They defend themselves by saying, “The truth is we’re blocked.”

Piqué excelled in the duel against Inter at the Camp Nou, and Alba played only one Champions League match: against Viktoria Plzen. “Without them, we would have more pay margins to bring in reinforcements. In the end, we had to make do with players who paid practically nothing, as with Alves last year”, continues a source from the economic sphere. In sports management, they will try to do without Alba and Pique in the next winter market. The heavyweights are defending themselves: “They’re asking us to lower our salaries and sign players who earn more than us.” The only captain to take the field against Bayern was Busquets, along with Ter Stegen, the protagonists of the last Champions League that Barça won in 2015.

Since then, with or without Messi, azulgrana has been circulating his sorrows across Europe. “We played at least the Champions League with Leo,” says one club employee. Barça faced Messi in Spain (they won the League in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019). “Now, not even that,” the same sources insist. Xavi’s team is stuck in the Bernabéu as their Champions League debate especially against Bayern is over. “It does not allow us to compete with the greats of Europe”, they finish in their office. In Madrid they know, in Munich they have known for a long time. Xavi’s Barça will have to fight for the Europa League again, with or without financial injection.

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