Isaura Navarro, from Public Health to fighting the epidemic to managing Climate Emergency policies

Mireia Molla, until now Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition. Environmental Report 2017-2020, An X-ray monitor through 68 indicators.

The results speak for themselves. All the thematic blocks evaluated (water, air, natural environment and waste) are mainly alternative energies, especially solar power plants, except in the case of the energy transition where the Valencian Community fails on all indicators.

This will undoubtedly be one of the biggest challenges for the new minister, Isaura Navarro. So far the regional secretary of Public Health goes from dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak to overseeing the Valencia Government’s Climate Emergency policies as the epidemiology department is subordinate to this area.

Unblocking photovoltaic plants will not be an easy task for Navarro, and a few months before the regional elections in May next year. In this context, the internal tensions at Compromís between those who favor these installations and those who are more reluctant because of their impact on the landscape are as intense as they are evident. In fact, Mullah’s insistence on promoting solar plants may have been one of the triggers for the impeachment ordered by vice president Aitana Mas.

It is also unclear what role Navarro will play in such a controversial project as the expansion of the Port of Valencia, where Molla has emerged as one of its main competitors due to its influence on the Albufera Nature Park. But as a very young member of Greenpeace and a member at the time of Acció pel Clima, everything points to a line as hard as Mullah’s.

Lawyer on leave, feminist, trade unionist, dreamer and socialist, as described on her Twitter account, the new councilor will also drive the future of the Valencian countryside.

Navarro was appointed regional secretary of the Public Health and Public Health System at the start of his new tenure on 21 June 2019, after being deputy Compromís in Corts Valencianes in the first legislative assembly of the Botanical Pact Government. Narcis Vazquez.

Més Compromís (former Bloc) belongs to the Initiative, which is the same party as Isaura Navarro, Mónica Oltra, Mireia Mollá and Mireia Mollá in the Compromís coalition formed by the Initiative and Verds Equo. More.

It was precisely Oltra who chose Navarro for the Compromís por València lists ahead of the general elections in 2011. Isaura Navarro was a deputy for València between 2004 and 2008 after being elected to the Esquerra Unida-L’Entesa candidacy.

He later became a deputy at the Esquerra Unida del País Valencià Congress, and after the crisis in this formation that led to the establishment of the Poble Valencià Initiative in 2008, he was at the top of that party’s list of coalitions with the Bloc. and the unrepresented Els Verds-Esquerra Ecologist.

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