“It is a very grateful sport and perseverance is very important”


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Valencia managed to win the Fórmila Kite National Circuit for the fourth time in a row. In the pre-Olympic year, sailors of this modality train until the end for Paris 2024.

How does it feel to win the most important Formula Kite circuit in Spain for the fourth time and add a seventh Spanish Cup to your record?

This year has been a particularly difficult year with six stops to add to the entire calendar of the international Olympic circuit, so I’m very happy that I managed to win for the fourth time. My goal is always to be the champion of the circuit and the Spanish Cup, so I couldn’t be more satisfied with my results and I kept adding championships and I hope to repeat what I have achieved in this next year.

Cutty Sark “Spirit of Adventure” FKSS 2022 has gone through classic locations like Mallorca or Tarifa but has also discovered new locations like Gijón and Ibiza. Have any of the six races been particularly special to you this year? Why? Why?

I was particularly impressed with the Gijon races, we didn’t have much luck with the wind but the views from the water were amazing. It was a different trip, a different environment and I really enjoyed it. Ibiza was also special, it was my first trip from Valencia. I was very welcome by the people of Ibiza and it turned out that I had a wrong vision about the island, I thought the nature was not as beautiful as there, it was a nice trip.

You sailed this year with world class athletes like Benoit Gomez, Denis Taradin or Florian Gruber. How do you see the level of the fleet now? Have you noticed any changes in the fleet since Formula Kite was announced as an Olympic sport?

I have noticed quite a lot the change in the Olympic discipline, especially in the last year the evolution of the fleet has been huge. The level is getting very high, the olympic preparation of each is noticeable. I didn’t expect it to be as professional as I’ve seen it, or that so many people would be 100 percent committed to it. There are already two or three net representatives for each country in practice, which shows that they give everything with the support of sponsors, federations, families… And all this, it seems that the level is rising very quickly.

This year, the Chinese Olympic Formula Kite Team joined FKSS. What do you think of the elite athletes who know this circuit so far and travel to Spain to compete in the Cutty Sark “Spirit of Adventure” FKSS?

The Formula Kite Spain Series has practically always attracted international athletes from the very beginning. The Chinese team, both men and women, is quite tough, almost military, I would say, because they have shown that they have reached a fairly high level in a very short time.

Which athlete would you like to be “face to face” in the water? Why? Why?

It depends on the conditions of each place, but in the last races of the year, I met Jannis Maus in a very tough race in Tarifa. During the whole event we competed, Maus was always one step ahead of me and I was getting closer to him in each test, he finally got the victory in Tarifa and I won the circuit, so I’m happy with the race. conclusion. I want sailors like Denis Taradin or Axel Mazella to go back to the track and sail and fight with them again, I know firsthand that they want to come back but the international calendar is so busy that in the end I realize they have to prioritize the races. .

This year, the track was under the auspices of EUROSAF for the first time, how do you see this support, do you have the courage to join the world of kitesurfing and Formula Kite?

The introduction of EUROSAF is very good news, I think it will increase it one hundred percent. We must publicize the added value that the support of the institution brings to FKSS, and I am sure that it will attract new faces to the competition by introducing it correctly.

This year, the F-one Amateur and Advanced class fleets were mostly dominated by youth under the age of 25. Do you think the Cutty Sark “Spirit of Adventure” FKSS is a good tool for beginners in this sport? How would you encourage this sport among its youngest?

I believe that the support of FKSS and F-one and all the sponsors promote this sport in the best way among its youngest. F-one’s provision of starting boards to the Amateur category is an incredible help for getting people excited about the world of track and competition. We were already seeing more and more new faces and especially very young faces in recent events, I am very happy to see that this sport is passionate among the youngest.

He is currently preparing to go to the 2024 Paris Olympics. How do you see that young Alejandro now when he won his first race? -for example an amateur?

It’s been many years since I won my first title, it’s a very grateful sport as perseverance is so important. For those who are new to Kitefoil, I can say that you can reach the top in this sport by taking a clear step-by-step methodology and time, there is no other secret for me.

What drew you to this sport? What made you ride a board for the first time? Did you think you could get to where you are right now on your way to the Olympics?

I started with kitesurfing, especially freestyle, jumping waves and doing acrobatics were my addictions. I’m impressed with the freedom Formula Kite has, you can ride with little wind and the tests are long and let you go, something freestyle isn’t because you need a lot of wind and the tests take a long time. a few minutes, if you fail, you’re out. Of course, the idea that Formula Kite would eventually be the Olympics never crossed my mind, who would have thought that those big three-bladed boards would end in an Olympics, let alone that I would go this far. The possibility of participating in the Olympic Games.

Do you think the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation shows enough interest in this sport? Do you think it’s supported by government agencies or the COE like this?

Spain itself, the COE, the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, etc., is going through some tough times after the pandemic and the crisis we are currently experiencing. They do not give the support I expected, it is decreasing, I appreciate it very much, but I was waiting and I think there should be more. The goal is not easy to reach, time is running out and with more help we can go further, I’m sure.

One last question: When you look at your results and the level of the international fleet, do you see yourself on the podium in Paris 2024?

There’s still a year and a half in the campaign, a lot of work ahead, and yes, of course, the dream is to go to Paris and fight for the Olympic medal. Now more than ever, I dedicate my entire life to dedicating myself one hundred percent to making my dream come true and doing whatever it takes to make it happen. What I do know is that if I fail, it won’t be because I haven’t tried everything.

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