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Miguel Gutiérrez covers the ball against Pablo Maffeo of Mallorca.CATI CLADERA (EFE)

In vacuum football restarting after the great quarantine in 2020, people who can enter the stadium fit in a briefcase. Those who were not on those pages were left at the door. The feeling of isolation was even more acute in Valdebebas, a particularly remote place. One of the names that appeared on the charts for a few of these League days was Miguel Gutiérrez (Madrid, 21 years old), one of the most valued white youth teams at the time. The most experienced security guards recognized him when they first got to his car. A year later, in the 2020-21 season, at the same place and still under the same exception rules, the left-back no longer entered on his own, but with the first team and starting squad.

The defender has participated in six of the last seven games on this field and has been ahead of Marcelo in the last three games due to Mendy’s serious injury. Madrid chased Atletico to the finish line, champion at lastand Zinedine Zidane, despite his little interest in the quarry, chose this young attacking flight. It left predictable performances like a surprising performance. Grab help in Granadaand its shares rose at a time when Marcelo’s time was running out.

The fact that last season already started with Carlo Ancelotti seemed to confirm his improvement: he added four starts due to Mendy’s long absence and the Brazilian’s physical problems, but even with this healthy guy, he started from scratch. His good footing and offensive skills were featured abound in the South American’s profile, who boosted his career at La Castellana.

But Miguel Gutiérrez’s life in Madrid’s great dressing room did not extend beyond September. Even in Marcelo’s absence, he was never the French alternative and ceased to be called from January. With carioca at Olympiakos, there was no room for him this season either, and the club sold 50% of his rights to Girona, who visited La Castellana this Sunday (16.15, Movistar) for four million. “If it’s good, it might come back. It’s still being evaluated,” Ancelotti assured Alaba and Rüdiger this Saturday when he didn’t have Mendy.

His case at Valdebebas prolonged the protracted drought of the classic youth teams – those who had completed all the training rungs – that did not take root in the first team after rising directly from Castilla. Moving from another team has become, at best, an almost normal toll of the house. The jump of the two categories, the absence of a football player who broke the chains, and inner common sense forced this scenario.

Gutiérrez was called this summer by Míchel, the coach of the Catalan team, who convinced him that their style was compatible. Currently, in the first 11 league history, the Madrid man is ranked eleventh out of nine (excluding the first against Valencia and the last against Osasuna). As the actor himself admitted, the coach’s phone call was decisive in luring him from the white barn to Montilivi, where there was another young man. bridlethat is after paying Flamengo 30 million and now with more activity than in the previous two years in Dortmund.

Even though he was tested as a midfielder at Valdebebas due to his good relationship with the ball, Miguel Gutiérrez’s admitted reference point has always been Marcelo and he still exchanges messages from afar. But if he returns to Madrid one day and takes over, he will have done it like almost everyone else in the last ten years and will set off one last spark with another jersey. nachos is the big exception. Achraf and Morata also tried, but without settling down.

There are also Antonio Blanco and Sergio Arribas, from the same promotion as Miguel Gutiérrez, trying to get their heads off in the spring of 2021. The first played in the shadows today in Cádiz, barely 36 minutes before returning to the subsidiary last year; the latter continues under the umbrella of Raúl in search of a promotion that did not come in the First Federation. In a Madrid that has been trying to build its future with promising young people for five years, no one from home has long had a fixed box office at the Bernabéu, with no stops and no stops. Miguel Gutiérrez moved in that direction, but soon stalled. The specialty of Sports City remains the production and export of football players: 182 currently play in professional leagues around the world.

Benzema has not yet returned; Modric, Valverde and Ceballos, yes; Rodrygo is suspicious

Ancelotti was counting on Benzema’s return, but the French player is still limping from what the club described as “muscle fatigue” a week ago. “After training [del viernes] He didn’t feel comfortable. Did a test and it came out fine, but still not 100%. You have to watch your feelings”, commented the Italian, who won’t be French for his third game in a row this Saturday. Wednesday’s involvement against Celtic is still in the air. Yes Modric and Valverde available, no against Leipzig, like Ceballos, returned from injury. Meanwhile, Rodrygo made the list, but the Friday to Saturday night was not good and his involvement is unknown.

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