new projects revolving around the wine business

A true embassy product of the country, wine is one of the reasons there are new real estate ventures and properties inside Cuyo district, It is for sale both traditionally focused on tourist income and directly to the foreign market.

Actually, Today, the relationship between the traditional product of the region and the brick exceeds the temporary lease, and there are occasionally projects in Mendoza that resonate abroad. This was reported by Daniela Aiello, partner of Finca Sur Servicios Inmobiliarios, a marketer. Life in La Moradain business Uco Valleypublished a few months ago.

“There were people who took care of money and also houses” He points to the broker, who lists two of the options available to the potential client – there is also the possibility of investing in units of Morada Life Hotel – and emphasizes that the venture is located in an excellent wine industry – 350 planted hectares. This means an environment with unique features that attracts attention from the outside.

The offer starts with a lot $73,000. “The bill of sale for foreigners is very attractive, but we also target families in the region who know this,” emphasizes Aiello, “in a privileged sector.”

In Mendoza client can invest in Morada Life Hotel units

More oenology, more features

transformation route 82 With public works financed by the IDB, this road has become one of Mendoza’s most important corridors and It is one of the most valuable and sought after regions of the province.

On this route, 15 minutes from the center of Mendoza and on a 14,000 m2 hill at the foot of the Andes, is where local Grupo Broda plans to start. pre sale, early next year, A complex of three residential and commercial buildings, representing a total investment of US$ 40 million.

“The plot is naturally at the height and at the entrance of the most valuable region of Turkey. Lujan de CuyoBecause the jewel of Mendoza is the country of Malbec,” describes the group’s general manager, Joaquín Barbera, and noting that the project is still untitled, It attracts attention with its panoramic view of the Chacras de Coria valley, which includes its skirts.

Returning to the location exactly between the Chacras Park complex and the Palmares Open Mall with “unrivaled access,” Barbera emphasizes, “It connects with nature and leverages its height to create unique views.” As he reportedThe sales value of m2 will be between US$ 2.500 and US$ 3.000, depending on the floor and size of the unit and the stage of the project.

Penta proposes to live in full contact with nature without being too far from the city.

Features in the natural environment

“Penta is a project that aims to value the environment. ‘live in balance’Being in full contact with nature without being too far from the city, adds Leandro Pereyra, commercial manager of the Grupo Armentano project, which was introduced a few days ago. perdriel, It’s an ever-growing area in Luján de Cuyo”, he emphasizes.

In essence, in the company they say that the neighborhood is different from the others because it is part of a neighborhood, According to the master plan of the project, Penta, rugby, hockey, paddle courts, multi-purpose hall etc. and will have the Liceo Club. and an apartment complex with duplex and PH in the east sector. Also, considering the large number of wineries in the surrounding area, a market will be set up to focus on residents and tourists coming to this area.

The private quarter will have a planimetry starting from 750 m2 and the total 235 pcs. In addition, a PH lot area is included, where it will be possible to build two units.

The relationship between wine and brick transcends temporary rental and there are already projects that have resonated abroad.

Corporate housing

In addition to the movement generated from the private sphere, activity from the state is also encouraged through programs targeting access and social housing. Principally, 2018 and through public-private initiative, the state is promoting a hybrid project to offer an option for the middle class.

Likewise, in May the ruling party and opposition voted in the Senate to create social housing for the province through operations funded by the National, Provincial and Municipal States and the Provincial Housing Authority. The goal is social support as a single home for the exclusive use of award-winning family groups.

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