People’s Party gets ‘anti-Piqu clause’ in new Sports Law


In a popular change, a sports federation cannot do business with an athlete participating in their competition.

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“There’s a clear example, right? I don’t need to name names. A Federation president cannot have a business relationship with an athlete participating in a competition organized by the same Federation”. People’s Party Member of Parliament Javier Merinocongratulated himself on the success of his change this Tuesday. According to the new Sports Law, the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubialesand Barcelona football player Gerard Pique they can no longer work who brought the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia with a commission of 24 million euros for the player involved. At least as long as it’s still active.

As soon as the new legislation conforms to all parliamentary procedures, such a relationship would be clearly illegal; It will no longer be just an ethical issue. In full negotiation for other issues such as tensions between LaLiga and Super League or the nature of regional teams, the People’s Party added an ‘anti-Piqu clause’ to the text and the other parties endorsed it.

Now, article 47 of the Sports Law contains a clear prohibition among the functions of sports federations in part B: “For the regulation of these activities and official sports competitions at the state level, a commercial relationship cannot be established with an active athlete to participate in them”. This veto, which was not included in the first amendments presented by the People’s Group over the summer, was part of last-minute proposals that were debated and voted on Tuesday at the Culture and Sports Committee of the Congress of Deputies.

“I’m proud”

The new Sports Law thwarts the argument Rubiales and Piqu have always defended to defend business with the Government of Saudi Arabia. In the middle of last April, as soon as ‘El Confidencial’ revealed the details of the deal and the millionaire commission for the defense, both hid behind the legality of what was signed.

“Everything we do is legal,” Piqu said in his first speech. , midnight virtual press wheel. “Nothing has been done morally or legally wrong (…). The only thing that is illegal is the filtering of sounds,” he repeated. The player said, “A commercial issue has nothing to do with a result issue on the field. Can you imagine the referees blowing the whistle for us?” he concluded his speech.

In any event, although the previous legislation did not contain an explicit prohibition of work like those provided by Rubiales and Piqu, The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor continues to investigate the case and a number of proceedings are currently underway.. These include the agreements signed months ago between the Spanish Football Federation and Piqu companies, Kosmos Football and Kosmos Global Holding, Regarding the Spanish Super Cup, but also with regard to “any other topic”. Within the framework of these transactions, Piqu voluntarily A dozen invoices worth 800,000 Euros each issued by Kosmos to Sela Sport Company Limited, the commercial operator of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Sports.

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