Science and Technology Week returns to the Region of Murcia with 450 events and 500 scientists

Science and Technology Week in a past edition. / JAVIER CARRION / AGM

It will take place in the garden of El Malecón and other venues in Murcia and Cartagena from October 21 to 23.

Science and Technology Week (Secyt22), organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Employment, Universities and its Spokesperson through the Seneca Foundation, will be re-organized in the Region from October 21 to 23 with a program of 450 events. 500 research scientists. In this edition, the slogan is ‘It was fiction, now it’s science’, inspired by the work of fiction writer HG Wells, creator of modern science fiction and whose works include ‘The Time Machine’, ‘The Invisible Man’ or ‘The Invisible Man’. Dr. The island of Moureau has served as a worldwide source of inspiration.

Business, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson Valle Miguélez, who presented the initiative on Monday, explained that “by bringing science closer to the public of all ages, promoting the enjoyment of scientific knowledge and encouraging citizens’ participation in scientific activities.” The objectives of the Murcia Secyt22 Region, which has been organized all over Europe since 1993, are social aid activities».

Secyt22 presentation is this Monday. /

Nacho Garcia / General Assembly

Headquarters and infrastructures

The event will be held at eight venues in Murcia and Cartagena and will feature the most planned activities to date: talks on water and organic waste, a magic show, how to make hydroalcoholic gel, an exhibition of inventions and workshops on how to make it. among a long list we improve our physical condition or the way researchers work. There will also be competitions and games. For
attend workshops600 places were offered.

In addition to the main headquarters in the garden of El Malecón in Murcia, there are seven more in Murcia and Cartagena: the Science and Water Museum of Murcia and the Arsenal in Cartagena, the Maritime Museum, the Roman Theater Museum, the Municipal Archaeological Museum, the ARQUA-National Museum of Underwater Archeology and Cartagena Cultures Harbor. In terms of infrastructure, this edition has 14,000 square meters dedicated to science, with 87 booths, an information point and three rooms for children’s workshops, an exhibition hall, a stage for demonstrations and scientific performances, and a creativity and creativity space called STEMoteka. .

Secyt22 has a record number of exhibitors this year and stands ready to host planned events. A total of 65 organizations among science and technology-related organizations, universities, research institutions, hospitals, training centers, subsidiaries, museums, companies, associations, technology centers, extension professionals and non-governmental organizations in the region.

live studio

For the first time, a set will be set up to perform live activities such as monologues, interviews, shows, and even a play about science fiction writer HG Wells’ biography and best-known work by actors from the Impromurcia company. Time Machine’. All will be recorded and streamed.
Seneca Foundation channel The mathematician and scientific communicator Santi Cremades, a collaborator of different TV and radio programs, will be present on YouTube.

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