Six projects to hatch at the Pico Scientific and Technological Pole

“The projects to be hatched confirm Pampean’s potential in terms of science and technology,” said Fernando Stachiotti, Government Director of the Pampean Science, Technology and Open Innovation Agency.

Stachiotti cited six projects to be incubated at La Pampa’s Scientific and Technological Pole at General Pico.

He recalled that the Jury establishes a merit order and that the Agency will accompany them for at least two years, providing a physical space for their application as well as methodological, financial and operational aspects.

Speaking in a dialogue with the Provincial News Agency, the director said, “We have come to this point with the votes of 12 people who are representatives of UNLPam, INTA, INTI, UNILPa, General Directorate of Information Economy who accompanied this call. And we (Pampean Science, Technology and Open Innovation Agency)” .

Companies were divided into two categories, new companies or projects and another that is in the growth phase. “In the four ideas we chose, research products from UNLPam (Faculty of Agronomy) are about the use of lacto-whey, a by-product of dairy, and something that also pollutes our groundwater. I usually. This dries and makes a protein food used to feed hives, something that beekeepers need, buy or produce. In this way, we fulfill two purposes: to respond to the needs of the producers in La Pampa, and on the other hand, to help prevent the pollution of our soil by treating the by-product”.

“Then there are two projects that have to do with the development of technology in the field and connectivity for the field in particular. Developments today are just one of the major limitations that exist in connectivity, and they propose to establish services based on this type of communication with a new technology with long range and low consumption (measurement of water or tank level, specific case). equipment, from remote locations through sensors, among other services)”.

“And finally, the development of an application, a system to facilitate the payment or collection of institutions through new methodologies such as payment gateways (e.g. Mercado Pago), what they offer is the ability to interconnect an institution’s services. through these gateways with an enhancement that brings them together and facilitates access to the user.

Regarding the projects in the growth phase, Stachiotti reported: “There are two projects, one is field service, they are developing a satellite mapper, it’s a team of fumigators, combines and others that can make the most appropriate transition on site, “reference” to where the machine is going, a history “It feels like an evolution of a satellite banderillero product the company is currently marketing, they included the satellite display and it’s a new product based on the previous one with sales across Argentina.”

“The other is the development of a management system, invoicing, which is currently working with about 60 clients, where we will try to find a market niche that can be associated with other projects to innovate with it.”

The physical spaces for incubation will be in Warehouse 1 at the Technological Pole, where services and technical assistance will be provided to help the company succeed. “The commissioning of the Technological Pole within our activities as an agency, this is the first call, the applications to be made in November after the signing of the contracts are continuing, to comply with the installation and the technical team that will advise them. As the agency, we have a duty to set a strategic agenda for the Province in science and technology, which is something we will be working on further next year after the Pole launch. science and technology represent the whole of La Pampa”, he concluded.


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