Spanish football is on the way to battle for Sports Law

The draft Sports Act, which will be voted on by the parliamentary committee this Tuesday, puts Spanish football on a battlefield, Considering that the new regulations are in favor, the probability of strikes is increased. real Madrid, Barcelona Y athletic and 39 other professional clubs. League He called for an extraordinary meeting on Thursday at which League One and Second Division clubs will decide whether to implement a lockout. PSOE Y PP to withdraw at the last moment the transcendent and controversial changes agreed with the presiding body Javier Thebesprobably under pressure Florentine Perez. Tebas attributes the final style of the text to the close relationship between them. feijoo Influenced by the president of Real Madrid and the current European and League champions where Barça and Athletic are aligned.

As the Culture and Sports Commission was about to close the text to be sent to the General Assembly of Congress, a number of changes popular with socialists and clubs were surprisingly swept away by both parliamentary groups. The PSOE and PP backed off after Florentino Pérez realized that the new LaLiga law would have the power to exclude Real Madrid, Barcelona or other clubs that decide to play in the Superliga from national competition. Florentino Pérez and Joan Laporta later met with Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Minister of Sports Miquel Iceta, and the socialists and the popular, opposed in all aspects of political, social and cultural life, decided to go hand in hand to anger the broad masses. A big part of professional football and 38 years later, it opened the door to a bosses’ strike.

LaLiga is calling for a “Sports Act for all clubs” that provides legal certainty to “the body and other professional leagues” and defends its defense, as well as not facilitating the creation of a Super League that “seriously harms Spanish football”. autonomy in the “development of the commercialization model”. Professional clubs are rebelling against the new and amended text, which, according to them, creates employment for 185 thousand people and jeopardizes the future of football, which accounts for 1.4 percent of the total income. GDP contributes 50 million euros to other sports branches of the country. “The government must decide whether to promote or destroy this successful model that has created so much wealth.” It is the warning issued by Levante president and LaLiga Delegate Commission member Quico Catalán to sum up the feeling of professional football reacting with a measure of power trying to take control of politicians who still maintain an obsolete football. We have been working on the 1990 law and new legislation for over a year.

Among the three main changes fueling professional football is LaLiga’s alleged power to market its assets, but so far it has not materialized, so employers consider the current situation to create “legal distrust.” Threatening to paralyze football, 39 clubs also want to ban those participating in unrecognized competitions. UEFA not even FifaHow is the Premier League?, and requests from employers a prior and positive report on the Spanish Football Federation’s (FEF) regulatory changes that may affect it. Among the results, LaLiga may be left without the ability to set times and dates for championship games and disciplinary control. In this case, it is clear that the final version of the text was made at the discretion of the FEF.

“Forbidden by the Constitution”

As the main promoter of the Superliga, Florentino Pérez denies any obstacles to future European competition, and also that the Sports Act recognizes the right to commercialize the rights of professional leagues, because the white president thinks that this can affect clubs. The conflict between Florentino Pérez and Javier Tebas therefore added a new page as a result of the Sports Act, further escalating the battle between LaLiga president and Luis Rubiales. “The employer break is prohibited by the Constitution. I believe that neither the government nor the first opposition party will be complicit in this crime. Will they now change the rules of the game and try to legalize the illegal? That would be something very serious if not comparable to the Spanish legal system.”“He warns the head of the FEF, as the current Sporting Law does not allow Tebas to do what he did with the investment fund CVC, to which LaLiga has agreed to transfer 10% of their business. Madrid, Barça and Athletic.

Withdrawal of change aimed at removing legal uncertainty while exploiting LaLiga’s assets and rights by employers Means that stability issues arise in agreement with CVCThey are vital to the survival of clubs, even as they mortgage their future. Without the clauses originally included in the bill before the important meeting between Feijóo and Florentino, LaLiga fears clubs will lose the €2,700m capital injection agreed with the CVC, which will lead to the bankruptcy of many clubs.

“38 financially healthy clubs want the CVC and the Impulse Plan, 39 clubs want to protect national competitions, 39 clubs want to continue helping other sports, non-professional football, 39 clubs don’t want what’s been achieved to be destroyed,” he stressed. In the last hours, Javier Tebas decided to replace the Ukrainian flag with the slogan ‘Sports Law for All’ on its social networks and LaLiga on television broadcasts of the matches on the last day of the championship. This attempt was also logically rejected by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic, so it was not shown in the champion’s match against Sevilla or in the Camp Nou duel between Catalans and Basques.

“We will ask the PSOE and the PP in the commission to stop acting on the dictation of Florentino Pérez. Let them act for the good of the sport. In the current wording of the Sports Act, wealth will be concentrated even more in the two or three biggest clubs and the others will be destroyed economically »regret to beconvinced that the Madrid president was “influencing all this from behind”. Meanwhile, there is a threat of shutdown at the desk of political leaders.

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