Sports Fair kicks off: “To put money is to invest in a healthy, just and equitable society”, said Luque – ADNSUR

The mayor inaugurated Sports Expo 2022, which will take place at the Comodoro Fairgrounds until Sunday. A new bet of the Municipality and Admiral Sports Authority that brings together different sports personalities from our country and city.

For this Municipality administration, sport is a tool to ensure the inclusion, inclusion, education and improvement of the quality of life of our citizens.

For this reason, the leaders, athletes, technicians and coaches of Comodoro were given awards that left their mark on the history of the city with their efforts and sacrifices.

Previously, Flavor Feast, Tourism Fair and Industry Fair were held in large Fairgrounds; While the recitals of the Book Fair are being held there. On this occasion they accompanied the mayor, Juan Pablo Luque; the deputy mayor Othar Macharashvili; municipal officials; councilors, UNPSJB rector Lidia Blanco; Sporting Directors and Secretaries of Puerto Madryn, Esquel, Trevelin, Sarmiento and Rada Tilly; Horacio García, Pan American Energy’s (PAE) Corporate Affairs representative; relatives of Miguel Blanco, Felipe Ávila, Armando Ávila, Chino Arturo; elite leaders and athletes of the city.

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Also, on behalf of all current leaders Nicolás Bernal and Raúl Pirangeli; Great references to national sports, such as Sergio “Oveja” Hernández, the former coach of the Argentina Basketball Team; former football player Daniel “Rolfi” Montenegro; former tennis player Franco Squilari; and blessed football players from Comodoro: Sixto Mumo Peralta, Andrés Silvera and Pablo Pitu Barrientos.

Luque, Sports Expo kicks off:

Throughout the weekend there will be talks, shows and events with free admission for the whole family. The program is available at:

They’re looking for the killer of “Chipi” Rodriguez and suspicious members of a Comodoro family.

“Investing money in sports is not spending, it is investing in a healthy, egalitarian and egalitarian society”

In this sense, Luque conveyed his thanks for accompanying him on such an important day for the city, such as the sports festival. “We are happy to be able to enjoy what we are passionate about, what we love, and it helps us develop the society that is sport; and to receive national, regional and local visits that honor us with their presence alongside sports leaders working for a better world.”

In the same line, he underlined the different local activities carried out by the Municipality administration in 2022. “These are a correlation of what we intend for the city, the province is part of Argentina Patagonia, so much effort, work and sacrifice over so many years here means that we are part of a country that we are.”

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“We are talking about soft, social politics, humanizing that we are a long time ago and do not have a sense of belonging, where few have managed to create a sense of rootedness that allows us to have infrastructure as a society, especially sports. . It makes me emotional to listen to people who proudly talk about the place we live in, evaluate the possibilities of living in this land and try to transform it.”

Luque, Sports Expo kicks off:

Continuing in this direction, “For a healthy society, we should benefit from the experiences that come to us from both amateur and elite sports, and for a healthy society, we should set an example for many boys who feel identical and want to do sports in different disciplines. with the values ​​this activity instills in you”.

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Finally, he said, “I’m speaking to you as a leader today, with pride in a city where many things have always cost us and we get what we deserve, because we’ve managed to realize that giving money to sport is not spending. putting resources is investing in a healthy, egalitarian and egalitarian society. “To show the potential we have and to fulfill the dreams of Comodoro athletes so that they can go far in competition, like having a Comodorense in a Pan-American game,” missed Mayor Juan Pablo Luque.

Sport as an existing state policy

“We understand this Expo is an acknowledgment of bringing the city’s sport together, working together, sharing, where we understand it here is the leader or the athlete,” said Hernán Martínez, President of Commodore Sports Entity. he’s working with us and doing it for someone else”.

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Likewise, he drew attention to the figure of sports leaders who work without pay. “Sport has the potential to serve, educate, include and be supportive of society. Commodore is having good times today and it’s not just money it’s being like PAE supporting community sports, cooperating with the pipes and rods we see at the facilities, or just because they shut down 20 clubs around us. League de Barrios,” Martínez commented.

Luque, Sports Expo kicks off:

Finally, he drew attention to the role of the State: “If we have a current State, you have achieved it by doing sports. Sports have the feature of working and playing as a team and we should follow this example. Go with the same intention, political decision in the same place and continue on this path. ” said.

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Sports jewelry representing the Commodore

Commodore C-20 National Team and C-17 Argentina National Team DT Marcelo Ramos said, “On behalf of indoor football, I would like to thank Ente for giving me the opportunity to be here. “Sports educates, we have great support because indoor soccer is so popular, it’s one of the most played, and it’s not an expense, it’s an investment because these kids really need the support they have today.”

“We are proud to be champion with 22 teams from all over the country and the title remains with Comodoro, so we will continue to train and work. I hope to be able to go to the greatest of Patagonia, my new dream of being world champion and bringing the world cup to Comodoro. That speaks well of our support reps,” said Ramos.

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Likewise, cyclist Marcia Larrauri stated that she started mountain biking six years ago. , can participate in four World Cups, the others being Argentinian, but I am always very grateful to the Sports Organization of our city”.

Larrauri said, “We who have traveled know that this team is not elsewhere, the methodological team that the Foundation has prepared for every athlete, the support we have in the city as the organizer to bring events to Comodoro such as the Argentinean championships of this discipline. Building a sports hotel, being a venue, providing accommodation, meals and other necessities is invaluable as an athlete and organizer. Thank you so much and forever grateful for raising me in this sport,” the cyclist stressed.

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Finally, Gustavo Camino, chairman of the Main Futsal Commission, also attended the celebration and gave a few thanks. “I would like to thank everyone who will attend this Expo Deportes 2022, the figures, technicians and professionals who supported us in their visit to the city in order to prioritize this exhibition, which is the most important exhibition in the country.”

Continuing her story, she said, “We are in a city where sports are expensive and we should thank those who came, the provinces, the municipality officials, the mayor with whom we shared sports days like C-20. We must understand the previous steps and continue with the leadership and Commodore sport,” he said.

“Being a leader is a hobby because we always start to accompany, and we embark on this path with a different dynamic and climate than the rest of the country, with a diversity of disciplines that we did not have and will be years ago. They can enjoy seeing the work of the athletes in order to receive a medal on a good journey. “We will continue to demand more sports infrastructure and celebrate the dedication of those who consider and accompany the Comodoro sport, such as the oil companies.”

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