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Disgusting honesty. What will the patio be like for acts of sporting honesty to create a stir in Argentina? Boca and Racing played for the championship in their last league game. Boca started with a point advantage and beating Racing’s historic rival Independiente was enough to bless himself. He had to win the race and wait for the news, nothing more than playing against Boca’s fierce rival River. Regardless, Boca equalized and Racing was in their hands when the referee awarded a penalty with two minutes remaining. Scoring him was worth a championship, but it prevented River’s goalkeeper Boca from producing an apotheosis on the field. Too much ethical greatness felt bad for a significant number of River’s fans. Finally, Gallardo, River’s legendary coach, said: “In a country where everything was questionable and seemed devoid of values, we had dignity and respect for the profession.” It’s worth more than a championship, but football has always had a hard time understanding that.

Wednesdays in the sun. Barça fell out of the Champions League and I know Madrid people celebrating that. There is something disrespectful even in the subtitle of this article. Badly made. I could never understand joy without honor. It would have been something else if the reason for elimination had been Real Madrid, but I don’t see any point in winning by an intervening team. I always believed that a great Barça would make Madrid bigger and vice versa. but the football instinct has a wild nature and is not for the subtleties. For this reason, Gallardo’s statements will seem naive to many, and this article will be an unwarranted and even distasteful act of football puritanism to them. When we accept that football awakens the animal we used to be, we associate it with misery rather than greatness. More reasons to harness its atheistic power and turn it into an educational tool.

World Cup as a problem. Sports pages don’t open for ethics lessons because this is an area where we all feel like champions. Including me, who was the first to hug Maradona, with God’s help, he scored that goal against the English. But I will continue my efforts to sanctify football, taking it further: I will propose it as an educational exercise. She comes world right in school and there are two ways to see it. One of them is as interference, if we take into account the power of distraction, which at best will provoke unwarranted curiosity during matches, and at worst, will leave an unacceptable school drop. The other possibility is to use it as a motivating factor, and here I will enter a field that has not been explored, but which no longer seems abnormal since the day intellectuals embraced football.

The World Cup as a solution. Why not a TV in the classroom before an important game? They will not tell me that this will not create a new and extraordinary expectation. And here comes the part that will add value to the experiment. Thirty-two elections give a lot to talk about geography and history; A World Cup in Qatar could start an interesting discussion on human rights; Football itself may be the best excuse to search the boundaries between reason and passion, country and national team, mischief and deceit. If this article shows anything, it’s that there is room for misery and greatness in football. What better than a classroom to illuminate your noble side and turn it into an ally in the struggle for the attention of the youth who seem more and more messy every day? There is a world between goal and goal, as long as we can stimulate the imagination and lose our disbelief in football.

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