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Huawei made a strategic decision. Partner with Strava present to users accurate measurements of workouts based on measurements taken by the brand’s watches and the user’s previous devices.

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app so far was not available for use in the company’s smartwatches China and with this move, both companies join hands to make the sports experience on Huawei watches even better.

With this integration with Strava, you will be able to: store data collected by your previous smartwatch or bracelet You can count on Strava to consolidate your training information over the years in one place—even if you change wearables.

What is Strava

Strava is one of the best apps you can download on Android to record your workouts and workouts and Specially designed for users running or cycling and using smartwatchesbecause it will allow you to import the data they collect.

application compatible with various brands Smartwatch and sports watch manufacturers like Apple or Amazfit and have the ability to collect all the information they collect, so if you replace your device over the years you don’t lose all the information collected by the previous device.


It is one of the best services for Android and now, allied with Huawei to rely on the company’s hardware While collecting Chinese education data and also to show you the results and statistics of your education.

Now the app has direct integration with Huawei wearables, so you can store all the information ever collected by the smartwatch or wristband you owned before purchasing a Huawei model and offer personalized content.

Strava Features

Strava Features

Free Android

Now, the data will be transferred automatically and It will be available when you open Strava, And if you decide to buy another watch tomorrow, just make sure it’s Strava compatible to keep all your information.

Now, some of the functions this app demonstrates come to Huawei Health, the app to manage data received by the Chinese company’s smartwatches; this is where you need to connect your new Huawei watch.

How to pair your Huawei watch with Strava?

Strava and Huawei

Strava and Huawei

Free Android

Linking your Huawei and Strava account is very simple as you only need to log into the service from your Huawei Health app. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the Me section.
  • Click on privacy management.
  • Click Data sharing and authorization.
  • Choose Strava.

Once you complete the transaction and agree to Strava’s terms, the data collected by your watch will go directly to the app’s database and they are saved automatically without you having to do anything.

Access Strava from Huawei Health

Access Strava from Huawei Health

Free Android

You will also have access to all this data via the Strava website, where analysis of your workouts, recommendations and more information that can help you improve will appear.

In addition to the free version, which you can enjoy by downloading the application to your mobile phone, There’s also a paid version that offers you some advanced metrics for 5 euros per month. and personalized recommendations based on your data and results, as well as other interesting benefits for education.

Now that it supports Huawei Strava, you can combine your sports data in the same app, regardless of whether you have a device of another brand before, so if you’ve bought a new Huawei watch, that’s great news.

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