Franco underlines the 82 percent increase in the Sports budget on the Sánchez stage

CSD president presents record 375 million in Congress to push towards ‘fitness model of the future’


José Manuel Franco, chairman of the Supreme Sports Council (CSD), highlighted the record amount of 375 million euros allocated by the Government for Sport in 2023, almost 20 percent (19.5) more than in 2022. An 82 percent increase due to Pedro Sánchez as CEO.

In his speech to the Culture and Sports Commission of the Congress of Representatives to present CSD’s budgets and challenges for the coming year, José Manuel Franco stated that these calculations mark the transition to “the sport model of the future”, a “digitalization structure”. the “progressive ecological transition” of facilities and the “inevitable challenge” of achieving real and effective equality between men and women in access to and development of sports practice.

In 2023, 375 million for Spanish sport, the sum of CSD’s usual budget, 235 million and 140 million from the European Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan Funds, which according to Franco constitute a “clear commitment” by the government for the sector.

He also reminded that Spain is the only country in the European Union to include sports as a leverage in its State Rescue Plan in the face of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and announced that in 2023 the focus will be on the process. Digitization of the sports ecosystem with an allocation of 55.2 million euros.

Thus, at the Sports Industry Conference last May 2022, it was approved to distribute 9 million euros between autonomous communities and cities to promote physical activity, combat sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity, and promote the use of digital tools to implement technologies that provide access. safe, healthy and inclusive sport

In addition, next year, 69 million will be invested in improving the sustainability and energy efficiency of sports facilities, with the funds distributed to communities and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, and 146 million will be added to renew regional sport “Absolutely”.

The head of CSD announced that the European fund of 27 million euros will be devoted to the “deep transformation” of the High Performance Sports Centers (CARD) in Madrid, Sant Cugat, León and Granada. “There has never been such an economical injection into these sports centers,” he said.

As for the third axis, the Social Plan for Sport, it will be equipped with 16 million euros for the development of equality, training and visibility plans for women’s sport in 2023.


Head of Government Pedro Sánchez promised €1,000 million to be invested in Spanish sport during the four-year legislative period, but with the 2023 Budget Act, this estimate will reach 1.149 million.

“I humbly believe that these statements are meaningful enough and that this government has done nothing but affirm its commitment to the sports industry at all levels and in all its manifestations,” Franco said. Said.

To CSD’s usual budget of 235 million for 2023, 9 million from the Spanish Anti-Doping Commission in Sport (CELAD) and 140 million from European funds will be added, giving a figure of 384 million euros for sport.

The reasons for this “extraordinary increase” in the 2023 budget are due to the professionalization of women’s football, modernization reforms of CARDs, and the launch of 14 million Team Spain programs to encourage Olympic and athlete preparation. Paralympics for the 2024 Paris Games.

The aim of this initiative is “ambitious”: equal to or greater than Spain’s medal table at the 1992 Barcelona Games.


In 2023 the usual subsidy for national federations will be EUR 57.8 million, 24 percent more than in 2019; those who do sports at school age will share 1.8 million.

There is also an increase in the amount of aid for travel to international competitions organized by the International School Sports Federation and the International University Sports Federation.

The new subsidy call for federations developing inclusive sports projects to encourage people with disabilities to do sports has been consolidated, introduced in 2021, and €750,000 for next year.

In this sense, Franco stressed the “decisive support” of inclusive sport and the consolidation of the 3 million allocations envisioned by the new Sports Law, which he hopes will “soon” form part of the new Spanish sports legal system. federations for the production of sports broadcasts in audio-visual formats.

The PROAD Program, which encourages the integration of active or retired senior athletes into social and business life and teaches 681 athletes in 2022, increased by 34.7%; and 26 million will be allocated to the support and consolidation of the women’s league and the Council’s Women’s and Sports programme, for the promotion of Women’s Sports and Inclusive Sports.


In 2023, the budget allocated to sports federations for women and sports projects will be 1.8 million. In addition, the amount of social assistance for female athletes is maintained to facilitate the reconciliation of sports and personal life due to maternity, foster family or adoption, children under the age of three and regulated academic education.

In addition, 184,000 Euros will be allocated for training days, awards and prizes, activities related to women’s sports, organizing congresses and forums, and preparing the Women’s and Sports Bulletin.


The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) will receive an allocation of 875,000 euros and the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) 400,000 euros, with which they will maintain the levels of 2019 and 2020, the last two non-Olympic or non-Paralympic years.

For 2023, a new item of 10 million euros is foreseen for local organizations to support sports activities in the development of international competitions, and 260,000 euros for universities and public and private organizations to help research networks on certain strategic issues.

In 2023, Fundación Deporte Joven’s budget will be 200,000 euros and a single nominal grant of 350,000 to the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha for the adaptation work of Toledo’s Center for Adapted Sports in connection with the National Sports Association. Toledo Paraplegic Hospital.

Likewise, Franco stressed that budgets are keeping 15 events of extraordinary public interest in force with “significant tax exemptions” to encourage sponsorships and meet the new needs of sport after the pandemic crisis.

“In this legislature, we are considering investment in sports that we have never seen before in Spain: more than 1,000 million in this parliament. With this budget proposal for 2023, we can say that Spanish sport is lucky. This is the Sports Government,” concluded.

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