Is changing tires still a big deal in Uruguay?

Crossing the pond has become a habit for many car and truck users who have had to renovate. tires. Reason: Lack of brands and models in Argentinaand high prices compared to the Uruguayan market.

In general, the purpose of this trip change all four tires and they do this when the tires are used up enough to leave them in the tire tank.

Savings is the key to this decision, as Uruguay has so many options to choose from in different makes and models, and they’re all cheaper..

this variety of offers it’s also the main theme because it makes any option fit more easily in the pocket.

Tires in Uruguay are still worth half of those in Argentina

We consulted with different sales points in the neighboring country for various tire prices, there is one used in B-segment SUVs, among them the 205/55 R17. In this case, the value if a Bridgestone is selected $189, ie $54,999, Same model coming out while in Argentina 120,000 pesos. So while Uruguay needs $219,996, Argentina needs 480,000 pesos.

In case of Dunlop tire, you will have to pay $165 or $48,000 in the neighboring country, at the local level $98,000 per unit.

Changing tires is twice as expensive in Argentina than in Uruguay

They charge US$1,615 in Uruguay for a set of four Pirelli 245/40 R18 P7 Cinturato tires, among other models. $469,000In Argentina, each unit is $197,200, so, More than 788,000 pesos.

Another option is a 255/70 R16 Bridgestone Dueler A/T 693 that costs $222 or $64,000 in the neighboring country, and 129,000 pesos in Argentina.

In this way, we see that options are much cheaper for all makes and models compared to the country.

Tire clash and less stock in Argentina

The tire industry has gone through tough times as the conflict between the union that brought the workers together and the manufacturers left behind. undersupplied market. When it comes to imports, there are also barriers that prevent companies from entering the goods they need into the country.

despite local factories have agreed and are back in operation, the truth is it takes some time to get back to normal, so the market is still not back to normal.

Another important issue is that low stock and high demand cause a price imbalance with values ​​well above their values.

Checking tire pressure is key to keeping them in good condition.

Checking tire pressure is key to keeping them in good condition.

In this scenario, although the demand is going through a very active period, the sector does not expect short-term solutions. This indicates that prices will remain high.

Tires should be changed every 50,000 km.

In this scenario, many wonder how much tire life can be extended without affecting safety.

In principle, they should not exceed 50,000 km or extend to a maximum of 60,000 km. However, it is important to see the condition of the same as the way of use, sudden braking or impact may require a replacement beforehand.

Typically, tires should be taken out of service when they reach the wear indicator at any rolling point. These indicators stand out at the bottom of the grooves and this is when it reaches 1.6mm deep (measured with a $1 coin and this is when it crosses the gold edge).

Beyond the miles of use, it’s also important to see. not roasted, Something that can happen in cars with a few miles and many years, which is dangerous.

Make tires last longer

Beyond the replacement required due to use, There are some tips to keep in mind to keep tires in good condition., and one of them is inflation. As the brand suggests, it should usually be the data found on the fuel cap in the manual.

Testing with a $1 coin helps to know the remaining life of the tire.

Testing with a $1 coin helps to know the remaining life of the tire.

Maintaining the correct pressure is one of the most important measures to extend tire life for two reasons:

  • Insufficient inflation is a leading cause of tire failure and can cause serious cracking or component separation.
  • When the tire is over-inflated, tire stiffness increases, which can degrade ride quality and cause unwanted vibrations.

In tire shops, they explain, “A properly inflated tire provides other benefits in addition to the even wear of the tread. It allows the vehicle to move around safely, extends the life of the tire and even affects efficient fuel consumption.”

Moreover align and balance It helps to keep the car tires in good condition. Due to the unevenness of the streets and routes, the wear between the tires is uneven. That’s why rotation is recommended to get the most out of them. Alignment of the vehicle, brakes, hubs, bearings and other maintenance points is also very important and contributes to greater durability and wear uniformity.

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