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Accounting, business management and finance firms are up to date. The post-pandemic digital transformation mantra resonated with companies in the industry. This has led them to adopt a combination of cutting-edge technological tools such as apps. cloudy (cloud), electronic signature and automated systems for scheduling resources. But sometimes the consultant or business owner does not see a practical use of these innovations in his office. “Consultants are computerized but not digital,” says its director, Cristina Claveria. Accountex Spain 2022, reference meeting between professional offices, consultancies and companies that aim to value the use of new technologies.

Held in London since 2012, the event will land in the Spanish capital on 3 and 4 November. will be on Ifema Madrid, where the latest technological developments in the accounting industry will be shown and business management. Around 80 brands and suppliers will present their innovations in this area. Between 3,500 and 4,000 visitors are expected to attend these events. For them, a training program and conferences have been developed that will cover the main trends in the professional law firm sector such as collaborative and real-time accounting, cloud technology, big data management (big data), the impact of assets in the digital environment. sector (blockchain, crypto assets and NFT), as well as digital marketing, SEO and social networking topics. “Incorporating technology into our consulting is increasingly becoming a necessity rather than an option,” says Roger Dobaño, CEO and founder of Quipu company, who will be present at the event.

There will also be forums and discussions on mergers, acquisitions and successors, gender equality in the workplace, tax legislation and tax administration, human resources and election processes. “You can see everything about the recent paradigm shift in the profession at Accountex Spain,” emphasizes Claveria, who is responsible for the fair, which will also be held in Canada and Australia.

One of the main topics of the event will be relations with the Public Administration and compliance with the legislation. Therefore, there will be a series of presentations focusing on anti-fraud law, the digitization of the State Tax Service (AEAT), and the Tax Administration Strategic Plan 2020-2023. The representative of the fair, which also received the support of Diversified Communications, says, “Companies in the sector have started to go through a radical transformation accelerated by Covid and the digitalization of the Tax Office.”

Focusing on SMEs

The meeting will highlight professional fabric of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)) and professionals, to promote both the efficiency of consultants and the internal management of companies and offices. “Accountex Spain will have the opportunity to unify the industry at a crucial moment, share knowledge face-to-face, providing a forum for inspiration and discussion,” the director underlines. Sharing experiences is essential in an uncertain economic and geopolitical context. We are in a shocking, changing and challenging economic scenario. Ana Mato, president of the Spanish Association of Business Consultants (AECEM), says she has the opportunity to demonstrate that the consultant-consultant has become a key player in the economy.

The data show that more than 80% of SMEs in Spain are a financial advisor for any legal or administrative question. “So it’s a strategic sector,” explains Claveria. And with new digital tools, they can become a lever of change for organizations. The potential is huge, as each office has an average of 40 clients, according to the White Paper on Professional Offices by Sage. “Professional firms that already have a digitized public Administration in the field of tax and labor can be an engine and catalyst for technological transformation that will lead to efficiency in the Spanish economy, based on obligations and regulatory compliance,” says the event director. .

According to Sage, the provider software Spain has an ecosystem of 69,602 professional offices. 40.8% have between two and nine advisors. Only 3.4% of professional firms have more than 10 employees. The main business volume is concentrated in the autonomous communities of Madrid and Catalonia. The average annual turnover per business is 156,160 Euros.

“The industry is a little overwhelmed,” says Claveria. “Consultants are working harder than ever before, but this is not reflected in their bills or net income. In many cases the perception of SMEs is that accounting and payroll is something very simple in relation to a standard price, but this is not the case,” he emphasizes. He states that this professional service is subject to increasingly higher processing requirements imposed by the Public Administration and in most cases not transferable to the client.

The 2008 economic crisis was a before and after for many of these companies. Dimas Pozuelo, managing partner of Rga Rubigest Assessors with 32 years of experience, says it is very difficult for small firms (which make up the vast majority) to comply with all formal obligations and at the same time be proactive with customers. professional office industry. “We will need to look for alliances, collaborations between partners, mergers and other formulas that can combine efforts and synergies,” he says. That’s why plenty, fairs like Accountex help companies keep adding and growing.

According to the organizers, the fair is aimed at professionals from small and medium-sized offices, consultancy and SMEs with their own finance departments. However, all specialists responsible for the financial processes of their enterprises, from the smallest to the largest, will be able to find something new. Entry will be free for visitors who pre-register up to one day before the event takes place. Claveria concludes, “Accountex is a tool that accelerates professionals to face change and above all to adapt to a more dynamic, fast and competitive environment.”

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