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Suddenly, Unai Emery heads to Aston Villa. Well, I don’t know if it’s all of a sudden, since last year About to accept an offer from Newcastle; He has now failed to overcome this new attraction and is leaving Villarreal, a happy niche for this somewhat complex Birmingham team at the moment, but this is certainly the fifth English club, historically speaking. In Asteasu, Lopetegui might already be in Premier if he hadn’t chosen to accompany his father through difficult times in deep Gipuzkoa. Raúl also listens to sirens from the Premier, where he can start a serious coaching career after completing his military service in Castilla. And the season has already started Casemiro leaves Madrid for United.

Premier is a great reference, the Silicon Valley of football that everyone wants to be. He’s a huge contender for LaLiga, who see how talent leaks out of him year after year. How many Premier players will be on Luis Enrique’s front list? How many are on the final list? And not only that: it also competes with our desires to recruit talent from other places, among them, not to mention that the most prominent is Haaland.

We’ve had fat cows for years because of the combination of some great national talent, what we know as the South African generation, and the coincidence of Cristiano and Messi among us. There was a year when the best team consisted entirely of LaLiga players: five from Madrid, five from Barça and Falcao from Atletico. But before that, Premier researched the pillars of our football and took in words that we hardly hear here, like Pique, Cesc or Arteta, who run Arsenal today after spending his entire career there. Robert Sánchez and David Raya, currently number two and three for the national team, are Premier League players we didn’t know existed until Luis Enrique started talking about them. Then there is De Gea, Kepa, Adrián San Miguel, Guaita… It is very difficult to watch a Premier League match and not find a Spanish goalkeeper or players playing in other positions on the field by chance. The Premier’s propensity to sign foreign goalkeepers is striking, undoubtedly Guardiola’s influence when he arrived at City, rejecting international Joe Hart and signing Claudio Bravo. English goalkeepers have been left behind in the game with the foot and something else that has become the norm today.

English football has long ago opened up to all sorts of outside influences. There were very few foreigners there 50 years ago, now it’s not impossible for a team to come out and play without a local element. The one-piece and immutable football, which we looked at like an Egyptian pyramid, trained with working habits that cannot be changed by traditional types, now has a cosmopolitan richness that makes it even more attractive. Any manager or football player who doesn’t make it through the Premier feels like they’re missing out.

Premier grows and grows at the expense of everyone, including us, so it’s not uncommon for us to be a little worse in one year than the others. With no more reps from Madrid in the champions’ second round, championed by her own sexy status. It’s prestigious to play in Madrid, so it could be a Rüdiger or Alaba who ended their contract at Chelsea or Bayern, or it could be a club that sold you out to a Courtois before you reach their final years and could leave you some money. But that’s not all: researching the market to uncover early talent and waiting for them to materialize. They’re not cheap, they don’t all work, because for every Vinicius or Valverde there are others who are out of the way, but they’re a more affordable resource than fighting Premier for the market.

Last summer we dreamed of seeing Mbappé arm in arm at Barça, in Madrid and Haaland. A new golden age, the repetition of Messi and Cristiano. But he went to Haaland City and I’m already wondering, will Mbappé come to Madrid or cross the Channel when he gets tired of PSG?

Beckham has lost the advantage of the law, with half the revenue from television and some internal disagreements that make it unattractive, our football is seeing the Premier rush away. Now the concern is that Germany will not reach us.

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