PSOE-A denounces “stuck” and “unresponsive” network of mental health services resources in Andalusia


Ángeles Prieto, Socialist Health Spokesperson in the Andalusian Parliament, warned this Sunday that “the network of mental care resources is stuck” and “public mental health is not responding” in Andalusia, and accordingly “condemned the famine” of the Government of Juanma Moreno (PP-A). ) resources devoted to mental health”.

Similarly, the socialist parliamentarian criticized the PP’s “refuse to implement an Andalusian suicide prevention plan, which includes emergency measures and special strategies for minors and youth,” as requested by an illegal proposal (PNL), in which the Socialist Group advocated it. week at the parliamentary plenary session.

This initiative, as PSOE-A underlined in a note this Sunday, is collecting “fair” demands from groups with mental illness and their families, warning that the Junta de Andalucía’s mental health resources are “not sufficient”. existing and growing needs”.

In this sense, Prieto assured that “the network of mental health resources is congested” and that “public mental health is unresponsive”, so that “only those who can afford to pay for a private consultation get the help they need”.

“For mental health and for other conditions, the health card no longer works, does not work; the credit card needs to be removed,” added the socialist spokesperson, adding that there are clear “inequality” situations. moreover, in health care for mental health between a city or rural area.” “Zip code – he said – makes the difference”.

According to PSOE-A, the situation is “serious” for adults and “sad” for children and youth, and in this context students from Andalusia and all Spain are demonstrating for the right to mental health; The Psychiatric Association warns about the increase in children’s mental health problems; Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth, and in 2020 there were 14 child suicides under the age of 15 and 300 suicides between the ages of 19 and 25.

“Andalusia needs an urgent suicide prevention plan with urgent action,” insists Prieto, emphasizing that “one person commits suicide every 14 hours in Andalusia,” a “terrible” figure according to the parliamentarian. The government “does not urgently come up with a plan to prevent, prevent and stop this tragedy.” The socialist spokesperson for health said, “Isn’t this a bustling, indifferent, lazy and passive government?” she asked.

Ángeles Prieto insisted that the PP-A, in the Socialist Group’s PNL, “rejected most proposals to improve the situation and that mental health care is a right and that people can be cared for within a specified period of time”. framework is reasonable, something that doesn’t exist at the moment”.

“Moreno Bonilla and his party have refused, among other approaches in the parliamentary initiative, to draw attention to eating behavior disorders, to provide day hospitals and mental health inpatient units, to enable programs that accompany families – along with home support and tutoring for minors. and to provide special measures for vulnerable individuals and groups such as children and youth, survivors of gender and sexual violence, immigrants, victims of school violence”, as the socialist legislature continues to criticize.

The Socialist Group, with the support of the majority of the Chamber, has indeed accomplished the Andalusian Government’s commitment to “increase the network of therapeutic communities, whose numbers have been stagnant since 2018, and to strengthen mental health services in primary care with more psychologists.” Not forgetting that PP promises to guarantee a workforce of 300 professionals, according to PSOE-A, and there are currently only 24 in the community of specialist nurses.

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