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He won athletic and get back on your way. Having set up its party in San Mamés Square, as in other leagues, the club also allowed Gatibu, a band that made a lot of noise in the Basque Country, to give a mini performance on the field. But the real side was on the field, where Valverde’s men outperformed their rivals in intensity and conviction.


Berenguer (Jon Morcillo, min. 82), De Marcos (Lekue, min. 28), Nico Williams, Íñigo Martínez, Williams (Guruzeta, min. 82), Yeray, Unai Simón, Raúl García (Unai Vencedor, min. 69) , Vesga, Yuri, and O. Sancet



Rulli, Chukwueze (Yeremy Pino, min. 64), Arnaut Danjuma, Pau Torres, Kiko Femenía (Jorge Cuenca, min. 86), Mandi, Giovani Lo Celso (Trigueros, min. 25), Morales (Nicolas Jackson, min. 64) ) ), Parejo (Alberto del Moral, min. 86), Alberto Moreno and Coquelin

targets 1-0 min. 58Williams.

Judge Miguel Angel Ortiz Arias

yellow cards Raúl García (min. 45), Alberto Moreno (min. 50) and Vesga (min. 89)

It was important that the match was played against him. Villareal; to prevent the yellows from involving Athletic in their game; brought as standard After years with Emeryand inside Application phase with Setién. Of course, the Cantabrian trainer also had his plan. Cathedral, everything is going well on the board, but then there is what happens on the field, and in the first few minutes, what the visiting team suggested worked. Parejo went down to get it from Rulli and then played with Lo Celso, who was looking for the bands. However, the art duo broke up when the Argentine was forced to retire from injury. Getting there and skipping the red and white lines was no longer so easy.

The submarine lost traction. Without giving up their game, Villarreal handed control over to Athletic, who gradually lost De Marcos as well. In the last minutes of the first episode, Rulli’s goal was constantly harassed. Those from Bilbao increased their intensity by a few degrees and there were arrivals where the rojiblanco’s forwards could not match the goal.

With the start of the second act, the rojiblanco storm was released. Valverde ordered at full speed, adjusted the pressure and Villarreal lost their way in addition to all the balls in midfield. Chances are chained. The tribunes are an oop! Raúl García continued until he always practiced while applying intensity, tackling a ball in the middle circle, returning to the opposing field, and heading towards Iñaki Williams, who faced Rulli on the way out. It was a well-deserved award, but perhaps short-lived, as the Bilbao team, led by a brilliant Sancet who played 90 minutes against a Villarreal with no answers and in the end, continued to add in comers and more comers in the face of yellow inactivity.

Only once did Morales frighten the crowd with a shot that Unai Simón parried. Then Athletic scored, but the Williams brothers managed to inflate; also, Raúl García, even Vencedor, who was ten meters from the castle and had no defenders nearby, shot the baby. The string of lost opportunities caused the final minutes to be fraught with anxiety in the San Mamés stands, but Villarreal were unable to make three consecutive passes to reach the field due to the severe local pressure that continued to run with the nearly completed time. .

There are probably enough pieces left to complete the puzzle that Quique Setién wants to put together in his new project. The opposite of Valverde, Camp Nou crashthings are going pretty well.

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