Cut flower business meets demand for All Saints

  • Cut flower and florist manufacturers and wholesalers have good sales prospects this All Saints Day

  • “In geographical areas with the greatest tradition, Todos los Santos can represent 20% of the annual turnover,” said the director of the Spanish Florists’ Association.

  • This data cannot be generalized: “Even florists close in big cities, while those close to cemeteries increase staff”

Cut flower and florist manufacturers and wholesalers have good sales prospects for this All Saints bridgeAlthough still in important production areas such as the province of Cádiz, previously existing hectares could not be recovered Pandemic.

“In geographical areas where the tradition of bringing flowers to cemeteries is greatest, All Saints can represent 20% of annual turnover a flower shop” reassured Olga Zarzuela, director of the Spanish Florists’ Association (Aefi), who thought there were generally “good prospects” this year.

These data – pointed to EFE – cannot be generalized because “ There are even florists closing in big cities.they are increasing staff in others close to cemeteries”.

Chrysanthemum, carnation and rose are the most demanded natural flowers.and also gladiolus, lilies or anthuriums; “now on trend” combined with greens such as paniculata, asparagus, leather fern or eucalyptus; the florist also works with artificial flowers, albeit to a lesser extent.

A “descending tradition” of All Saints

Mercat de la Flor de Barcelona made the following statement to EFE: All Saints is “a fading tradition that is no longer as interesting as it used to be”.especially in big city centers where people prefer to escape, as opposed to small towns where they keep their audience.

Mercat wholesalers preferred local products, especially lilies and chrysanthemums, this year. “The Dutch supply for these dates has become much more expensive, increasing the competitiveness and value of Catalan flower production”.

Luis Manuel Rivera, responsible for COAG Andalusia’s Flor Cortada, also provided: “good prospects”“Because the flowers continue to appear until October 31st,” he said, although he wanted to clarify that an accurate assessment cannot be made until the bridge is finished.

He stated these good feelings are not homogeneous Among the Cadiz producers of the lower plain of Guadalquivir and the northwest coast of Cadiz, because it depends on the product harvested in each greenhouse and the breadth of the supply.

Industry seeks help to maintain production

“This year same demand but less supply“Average prices are therefore generally good and in some cases will allow to offset the sharp increase in production costs.”

Rivera is upset The bill passed by the pandemic to the floristry industry The section that did not receive assistance from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and had to throw away thousands of straws during confinement, causing a serious reduction in the area allocated for cultivation.

According to his data, in the province of Cádiz there were 400 hectares devoted to floriculture, an area approaching 200 hectares this year; In the late 1990s – he remembered – that figure was 1,200 hectares.

“We need more local, regional and state aid”In a province with a high unemployment rate, Rivera claimed, explaining that cut flowers are one of the most job-creating activities: “One hectare of flowers is equivalent to five vegetables in business”gave as an example.

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