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In 2018, Ecopetrol embarked on a process of digital reinvention, recognizing the need to embrace disruptive technologies, remain competitive, and continue to contribute to the present and future of the nation.

The need to digitize many activities, update an operation with comprehensive business fronts, bring technology to critical points of processes, and ‘freeing people from robots’; that is, freeing the ability from operational tasks to exploit its true value in activities that technology cannot replace.

Thus, Ecopetrol took on the task of realizing the digital transformation of its operations. In the first phase, he reorganized his processes and created the Digital Vice President, led by Ernesto Gutiérrez de Piñeres, to deliver the organization’s strategy on two main business fronts: operations and digitization.

Between 2018 and the first half of 2022, 800 digital solutions; 200 robots, among which automation and savings of about 5 million accumulated processes 606 thousand man/hour.

In 2022, the Digital Vice President became Vice President for Science, Technology and Innovation, adding the Innovation and Technology Center – ICP, one of the most modern in Latin America and where scientific deepening has been proven. 114 patents in Colombia84 patent applications abroad and 436 technological products have been developed.

The new future: SusTECnibility®

Today we are in the phase of implementing a new Science, Technology and Innovation (CT+i) strategy, the enabler of Strategy 2040, which presents challenges such as energy transition and decarbonisation, among others.

This is a comprehensive response to current environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges focused on creating sustainable value. The company aims to build a better future by turning ideas into opportunities with innovation and cutting-edge technology. That’s why Ecopetrol decided to add a “T” to the ESG to establish a set of TESG (technological, environmental, social and governance) targets. In other words, CT+i is at the heart of SusTECnibility®, a concept that represents this strategy.

Since 2018, US$ 313.4 million has been invested in CT+i projects, of which US$ 227.7 million corresponds to digital transformation. These investments are allowed. 180 million dollars Certified benefits in less than 4 years.

some examples

instant data

Ecopetrol has become one of the first companies in the world to implement a new model in the hydrocarbon sector that provides daily, unified and transparent information about its activities in real time, using technologies such as: blockchain, robotics, Internet of Things, machine learning, analytics and cloud services. Previously, some of this data could take up to three months to consolidate.

emission measurement

IHS Markit (Part of it S&PGlobal) and Ecopetrol are developing a world-leading integrated digital platform that will ensure the quality of information on emissions, optimize reporting processes and make decisions to reduce them, and promote decarbonisation plans.

remote Assistance

Beside Accentureclean and Microsoft, Ecopetrol conducted the first pilot test of the 5G network applied to maintenance operations at the Barrancabermeja Refinery. With technologies such as augmented reality, 5G network, internet of things, edge computing and digital twins Expert staff in the United States, Barrancabermeja and Bogotá connected remotely and found a technical response within hours. Previously, a period of between 3 and 8 days was estimated, which meant significant savings in time and money.

As part of its vision and development, Ecopetrol has incorporated technology as one of the intersecting axes of its ‘SusTECnibility® strategy, with the aim of not only growing as a company but also contributing to international and national energy transition and decarbonisation goals.

September 2022

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