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There is a particularly embarrassing moment in the life of a social media journalist when your article has already been published, which consists of choosing the two or three best lines to ‘sell’ your product on Twitter or Facebook. It’s easy for someone in a report or an interview, pick something said by someone else and that’s it. But in the column? In the column you should highlight something about yourself, something you not only assume is good, but also say to others: “Hey, that’s good shit; There’s more inside, click, but I chose this one because I think I’m particularly witty, or right, or funny, or good here”.

When you think there’s nothing worse than nagging customers and choosing what you think is best about yourself, something else pops up: not what you think is the best, but what you think has the highest viral load, what a strong paragraph that will confuse the crowd, can spread with more noise. . Even if you are not convinced. It’s like pretending to be a jerk at a dinner party: you know how to do other things, but people seem to be laughing at that. I resisted this last step not only out of modesty, but because I am one of those who believe that when you go down to the top floor, you will find another small door. But I realize that not only do they receive it well, but almost every time they send a whatsapp which they find great to make a sad bot hesitate, they catch it and upload it to the nets. In other words, there are people who despise that we are missing the rest of the planet.

So let’s talk about the football player Antony, who is the star of Manchester United.. A few days ago, he picked up a ball from the right flank and threw it on his foot without stopping, making two full laps on himself. The technical gesture sparked a debate in which his coach Ten Hag participated: if these details have an impact on the game (i.e. if they’re useful for something) it’s fine; If it was just a trick, I would talk to him. Antony is an amazing actor and he should have doubts: We still don’t know if it’s going to be champagne or mousse. This gesture looks like foam, but it’s true that the opponent could be out of the game for a few decisive seconds while joining a similar circus (which wasn’t the case).

For me, the funniest video on the internet is that of a journalist interviewing Míchel (Michel’ from Madrid already as manager). They are both looking at the camera, the presenting journalist and Míchel are to his right, and when the reporter goes to ask Míchel, he turns left instead of slightly right. He makes almost a full turn to meet Míchel, who is frantically waiting for him..

I think the journalist made a mistake and thought he was on his left and kept turning when she didn’t see him because, what happens, at some point in the turn Míchel will show up. But I like to think that the journalist, like Antony, decided to look into the chest of wonders and show the world his best treasures. Sometimes these treasures are so effective that they disarm the opponent, and when they are not so effective, such as the reporter’s turn or Antony’s turn, they shock the opponent for a few seconds, hopefully this is when I had to choose sirloin. my piece: the reader is so freaked out by my modesty that he reflexively clicks on it in complete amazement.

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