Flexible remuneration, social rights, financial health, welfare, sustainability, digitalization… Discover the main topics of the 6th Congress on Remuneration and Remuneration

Flexible remuneration, social rights, financial health, welfare, sustainability, digitalization… Discover the main topics of the 6th Congress on Remuneration and Remuneration

Inflation, uncertainty… and momentum. We can say that this is the order of the reality in which we live today. When faced with context, fears and anxieties arise, and in the face of this, there is no other choice but to ‘shovel’ all together to tackle this huge challenge facing companies, leaders and professionals. And one of those levers of progress and momentum is, precisely, the compensation and benefits of flexible revenge.demanded by professionals and presented by organizations as the ‘lifeline’ to emerge from the age of uncertainty.

However, beyond this, the wage and benefits plans implemented and offered in companies have very positive effects in terms of productivity, working environment and performance. When the results are tripledThese benefits are offeredpersonalized way and adapting to each person’s specific circumstances. These organizations will be those that succeed as an employer brand and emerge victorious from the talent war that exists today.

Main trends in labor compensation and flexible remuneration

For a compensation plan to be truly optimal (and even more so in these times in which we live), it is essential to know the latest trends, demands and needs surrounding the business and social sphere. It comes in this contextSixth Compensation and Wages Congressorganized byRRHDdigital. A special event designed to analyzemain trends in labor compensation and flexible remunerationlike knowing and revealingsuccessful initiatives and strategieswhich companies apply to recognize and reward the work of their employees.

The Congress will start with that ‘Impulse’ we mentioned at the beginning. Improving Employee Experience through Workers’ Compensation. During this space, the discussion will lead the way in wide format and topics to be discussed include: 360 healthcare through flexible compensation, compensation or success stories as support for Employer Branding will not leave anyone indifferent…


News will also be a very important meeting point in this sixth edition., especially given the relevance of the current context in which, as we have noted, we live and this has a direct impact on companies and their environments. That’s why we’re going to cover everything compensation professionals need to know today during this block. Education and financial health will be some of the main topics in this area, Adecco’s work of equality or compensation from the perspective of expats that will surprise everyone.


And starting today, we’ll move on to future trends in the world of workers’ compensation. What new ways are they planning to lead the industry? Are new ways to compensate emerging? What will be the compensation plans that will be successful in the next few years? In this third and final block, we will examine these issues through digitization, remote work or negotiation, among others, to learn how the current paradigm is changing the ways we compensate our employees.

The 6th Compensation and Wages Congress is in Madrid!

I will talk about all thisnext November 16th from 10am to 3pm at Espacio Loop 21 in Madridthrough different dialogues, discussions and success stories, and from the hands of HR managers, compensation and benefits managers and business leaders. Together we will explore how companies should manage their employees’ pay in order to stay competitive at a crucial moment in the battle for talent.

And beyond the dialogues, discussions and success stories,networkingand disruptive people managers, the fusion between large companies in the HR world and HR professionals will be one of the highlights of the day.

Compensation Congress

this Compensation and Wage Congressis organized byRRHDdigitaland he hasMoleandHEYAs Main Sponsor.aon,FreeFor BusinessNow,iHealth,Nationale-Nederlanden Employee Rights,TherapyChat,Adecco GroupYof vital importanceThey are the sponsors of the congress.

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