Marnys has launched a new line of business in Venezuela and its expansion has already reached five continents

CARTAGENA. Cartagena company marny’s (Martínez Nieto) has recently started a business with Venezuela in an international expansion process involving nearly 70 countries. International expansion has been and continues to be one of the company’s priorities throughout its more than 54-year history. Currently, it is already in almost 70 countries. It has now managed to consolidate its presence and grow in Europe, USA, South America and Asia Pacific. They explain that their 2022 growth targets have already been achieved in these areas. Murcia Square company resources.

A company dedicated to the production of food products and natural cosmetics, international destination To strengthen its position in the countries it currently works in for 2023 and to be attentive to both changing international conditions and new opportunities that may arise.

attribution guess The target of new products to be introduced to the market is to continue with the increasing new formulation trend. It is expected to reach 80 new products in 2022 this year.

high energy costs, high impact In companies across Spain. The energy bill has affected the cost structure due to its sharp increase. However, thanks to the implementation of energy-saving measures and, above all, to owning a large self-consumption photovoltaic plant that produces up to 25% of the energy we consume, we have managed to limit the impact of the sharp increase in energy consumption. energy costs.

in a report published by hidden Along with Greece (27.20%) and Croatia (12.50%), Spain leads the list of countries in the community region where the number of companies is most disrupted due to the increase in electricity, gas and fuel costs. While the EIB predicts a 16.5% increase The increase rate of Spanish companies that will report a red number due to the energy crisis caused by the war will be 9.3% in Portugal, 9% in Italy, 3.9% in Germany and only 2.9% in France. In this context, many companies face a tense situation where producing may be worse than not doing. This is because the energy crisis can cause costs to exceed revenues. In this way, the specter of a wave of bankruptcies arises from productive units that have little capacity to raise their selling prices.

In the case of marny’shas affected the cost structure due to the strong increase in the energy bill. However, thanks to the implementation of energy-saving measures and, above all, we have a large self-consuming photovoltaic plant that produces up to 25% of the energy we consume, they have managed to limit the impact of sharp waves. increase in energy costs.

Recently, Robert MartinezManaging Director of Marnys, Murcia Square company intentionand look for other companies with whom you can form alliances as industrial partnersmainly Europe. There is the possibility of both acquiring other companies and forming alliances with industrial partners rather than banks or mutual funds to create synergies. “We are working on it slowly but steadily. It is a process that requires very detailed analysis, and it takes time,” said the same sources consulted.

More than five million a year for research and purchase of machines

On the other hand, last year, The company has invested close to 1.5 million Euros in R&D, It allows the development of new products as well as improvements in research and production processes that reinforce the quality of products. added to this investment. about 3 million euros laboratory every year. new machine purchase to gain competitive power and to have new product groups.

These figures reinforce the uptrend where the lab has increased its research and development spending since 2019. expansion facilities contained in Los Camachos Industrial Estate, in CartagenaIt increases its area from 12,500 meters to 23,500 square meters.

It is one of the most technologically advanced laboratories in its industry worldwide. this is how it is Europe’s leading manufacturer of single-dose drinkable bottleswith a production capacity reaching 60,000 bottles per hour.

Moreover, one of the three largest producers of royal jelly and propolis-based products in the world.

Commitment to innovation allowed it to flourish More than 190 new products in the last three years. Thanks to all this, in the last five years average annual growth 19% and aims to continue this trend in the coming years.

in his words Roberto Martínez, CEO of Marnys, “There is scientific value in everything we do. We have always maintained a firm and determined commitment to both research and development and the best technology, which has allowed us to achieve a very competitive position both in Spain and in international markets. Our facilities and all their products are of the strictest quality, safety The procedures are verified under GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices) to be able to produce under hygienic and hygienic conditions.”

As Roberto Martínez explains: “We follow the latest scientific developments to identify new business opportunities and respond to needs and demands”.

cooperates with Cartagena company scientific institutions Center for Advanced Studies in the Pharmaceutical Industry (CESIF) and different universitiesLike the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) and the Catholic University of San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM).

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