New unit to attract and retain professionals in a personalized way

The Balearic Islands recognize that they must compete with the rest of the autonomous communities to attract talent. health professions enjoy full employment. In this sense, the Human Resources service IB-Health It went into search and capture mode and created a special unit to present, persuade and retain its employees. Manuel Palomino, director of IB-Salut, told Vox MP Idioia Ribas, in a speech in Parliament, “because they can only keep speaking the language that no one has left us”.

by name Professional Care Unitand under the command of Miguel Ángel Roca, A2 technician of Servei de Salut, active recruitment of new professionals and the detention of those who show intent to leave. “What has been done is to break away from the dynamic of being governed only by what is stated in the Official State Gazette (BOE) and to have more direct contact with the administration,” explains Manuel Palomino, managing director of IB-Salut. «We will go to universities or nursing schools to attract professionals; We want personalized communication with those who do not want to extend their contract or are considering working in the Islands,” he adds.

Thus, it reverts to the traditional method of attracting or retaining talent to the extent permitted by the rules governing recruitment in public administration. “We will analyze the reasons for each professional wanting to leave Servei, especially in the underserved categories,” continues Palomino, explaining that what is most often identified is the separation of experts into another community. “We talk to each of them, surveys are conducted to find the reasons and the resources available, and the little flexibility the public administration allows is tabled to see if we can get them to change their minds,” he says. .

And what is the room for maneuver? For example, it depends on the position of a professional who is considering going to Eivissa, where the biggest problem of lack of specialist is accumulating, «if he can go once or twice you can see what kind of guards he can do, extraordinary activity. days they are hot springs there is a legal framework that allows us to do this to improve their participation or training”, exemplifies the general manager of IB-Salut. «You have to know what interests the professional according to his profile».

In this unit, all means are used to reach the person personalized through phone calls, e-mails or in person. Starting in January, there will be a new challenge with doctors who have completed their training. MIR, concerns will also be asked. “We started with the most deficient services, or those with the most workforce needs, but at the same time, if a worker is needed in 2024, don’t miss the opportunity because it’s better to invest time than trying to recover later, adds Palomino.

Another of the functions of the professional service office would be to advise on the homologation of the titles of non-EU professionals. The process, which depends on the Ministry, may take years, but it is also possible to shorten the periods. “Those who are in the process of being hired or waiting to be hired can get help.”

And from January next year, the toilets will increase the working day to 35 hours and are already being worked on. “We calculated, and next year we will be able to hire all the professionals and count on the graduates of nursing schools to cover the summer season. Next year all nurses will have jobs, there will be no major gaps,” says Manuel Palomino. On the other hand, it is foreseen that winter maintenance will peak and the Emergency Service will be reinforced.

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