Socimis, a diversified investment by the business

Investing in real estate has traditionally taken a good pinch of our investment portfolio, our savings. Starting with the habitual residence, which is a high percentage of the total investment we will make during our lifetime, not at a particular moment. But in addition, there are many capitals in the real estate sector trying to find profitability beyond the usual residence. Of course, this investment in bricks in the traditional way suffers from a liquidity that perhaps puts us under pressure at some point in our time horizon. On the other hand, investment in housing, logistics warehouse, shopping mall, rental… requires a very high capital. There is a more liquid and less capital-required way to invest in brick, and that is through Socimis. We give a good explanation in our report about this investment tool and its possibilities, its advantages and disadvantages for the small investor, How to invest in brick with Socimis?.

If you are already sure that investing in Socimis is a good opportunity, now all you have to do is decide which of them, as there are currently a large number of companies of this type listed on the Spanish market. In the same report, How to invest in brick with Socimis?, We also analyze the main Socimis listed. Starting with the Ibex 35, MERLIN Features Y colonial estateBy constantly following the market, Spain Y riggingand ending with vast BME Growthwith more than 70 Socimis currently trading, Gmp Feature, silicone RE, Reverse Prime, Castile Propanyone ADVERO Pties to mention a few. In our rating, investors will also find the main valuation multiples (NAV, P/NAV,…), solvency multiples (LtV) of their balance sheet, and dividend yields. In addition, for each of these Socimis, we indicate the sub-sectors (rental rental, shopping malls, retail, offices, residential, logistics, Data Centers,…) and geographical regions in which they are located. action.

Inside Investment Strategies We also met with the managers and executives of these companies and they told us firsthand about their strategic plans, the status of their accounts, investment projects and financing types. This is the case of the interview with Ismael Clemente, for example. Vice President and Founder of Merlin Properties,“On an operational level, Merlin Properties is in enviable health”you can fully consult REAL ESTATE CORNER. There is also an existing with the investment committee SiliconManaging Director Juan Diaz de Bustamante and its CEO, Juan Antonio Gutiérrez, told us about the company’s progress and plans for the future.

In the case of SpainWe had the opportunity to talk with Hernán San Pedro, Director of Investor Relations and Corporate CommunicationsGiving us the signs of optimism and highlighting the positive aspects of the industry, “Right now in the retail world, we are in very similar numbers, if not better, in some parameters than in 2019”.

Reverse Prime, an innovative business, the only listed Socimi dedicated to Reverse Enclosure. he told us Enrique Isidro, Executive Vice Presidentwhere we had the opportunity to talk and learn in depth about the potential of their work:“We haven’t changed our goals and we want to reach 250 million.”

Therefore, there are good opportunities to make our investment in brick profitable, without the need for large capitals, with good liquidity and business diversity. The only condition is to have good and up-to-date information and we make your job easier in the Real Estate Corner of Investment Strategies.

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