The Balearic Government will begin referrals to private healthcare institutions from November.

The referral of patients from Servei de Salut to private health services, especially those who are waiting for external consultation with the specialist, will begin in the first two weeks of November and will be completed by the time the user is discharged. all necessary consultations and diagnostic tests. Servei de Salut stated plans to make a maximum of 900 referrals to private clinics Every month, its managing director, Manuel Palomino, stated that everything that can be done for public health will be done before proceeding with the referral.

IB-Salut will cooperate with private health services with the referral of patients from November. The aim is to reduce waiting lists and guarantee quality healthcare to citizens. Specifically, IDCQ and Agrupación Médica Balearic groups were awarded a service contract—divided into two parties—with a total value of €12.6 million and extendable to €27 million. As a whole, Servei predicts that a maximum of 895 recommendations can be reached per month.

Successful bidders will provide comprehensive healthcare at Son Espases, Son Llàtzer and Inca District Hospitals to reduce healthcare pressure and delays in waiting lists, and emergency healthcare for patients referred from SAMU 061.

Servei de Salut has already in place cooperation agreements with private healthcare services for the referral of patients from the Levante healthcare sector and Ibiza and Formentera Health Region. Between April and August of this year, 5,443 patients (2,180 outpatient consultations and 3,263 radiology tests) were referred from Manacor Hospital to Llevant Hospital. On the other hand, a total of 2,740 patients were referred from the Can Misses Hospital to Policlínica Nuestra Señora de Rosario during the April-October period (1,355 external consultations, 1,155 radiological tests and 230 surgical interventions).

On the other hand, the planned surgical activity of public health has increased by 15.48 percent in the last year. Thus, 36,331 surgeries were performed between January and September 2022, a figure higher than 31,461 recorded in the same period of the previous year. The effectiveness of external consultations also increased by 4.29%: 293,531 consultations were held in 2021; this year that figure stands at 306,111.

In addition to the ordinary activities, there was an increase in extraordinary activities as a result of the implementation carried out in March. With an investment of 18 million Euros, Servei de Salut took part in the re-starting plan. In this sense, 90,628 medical procedures have been performed since its launch: 3,177 surgeries, 53,504 outpatient consultations, 10,548 cabinet tests and 23,399 radiological tests.

The sole purpose of this increase in activity is to reduce waiting lists and Health has detected a change in trend since the end of the seventh wave. From February to September 2022, the number of people awaiting surgical intervention was reduced from 15,825 to 14,332 and decreased by 1,493. In addition, 498 people waiting for more than six months decreased. The average delay (126 days) is seven days lower than February.

As for consultations, the waiting list increased by 7,837 (59,949 in February and 67,786 in October). However, the average delay decreases from 62 days to 60 days. The number of people waiting more than 60 days for the first examination increased to 4114.

The waiting list for diagnostic tests recorded a decline: in February there were 16,865 people waiting to be tested; In October, the figure was 14,354, or 2,511 fewer. The number of people waiting more than 60 days for the diagnostic test decreased: from 9,805 in February to 8,114 in October.

On the other hand, there is an increase in the percentage of absenteeism in consultations. Between January and September 2021, 8.24% of people who had an appointment with the specialist did not show up. This rate has reached 9.38% this year. Health appeals to the public and demands cooperation: If one person is unable to come to an appointment and cancels, it allows another user to benefit.

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