Miguel Ángel Galán (Cenafe): ‘The Supreme Sports Council is obliged to forward my complaint about Rubiales to the TAD’

President of the National Football Coaches Training Center (Cenafe), Miguel Angel GalanHe argues that, according to the Royal Decree, which regulates the selection processes of Spanish sports federations, the Supreme Sports Council (CSD) has a “legal obligation” to forward it to the Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) on 21 September. The case against the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales“For violating the alleged party’s duty of neutrality at the villa in Salobreña (Granada)” before the Council.

Miguel Ángel Galán remembers that according to the RFEF statement, it was a study session. “Well, at that time Rubiales was the chairman of the Management Commission, so he could not take the action in question, as it would be contrary to his duty of spontaneity, according to the Royal Decree, which regulates the selection processes of Spanish sports federations,” he emphasizes.

“I know what I’m talking about because my complaint was denied for the same reason. Angel Maria Villar, Former President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation”, Dinner.

Galán once again asked for the head of the Supreme Sports Council, José Manuel Franco, to the Sports Administrative Court if the complaint was sent to TAD. He announced that if he did not receive a response soon, the CSD chairman would realize that “it was an alleged denial by negligence” and would sue him.

“It is clear that people do not engage in dialogue and work if there is no complaint. Normally they call me ‘Querellator’, we have a corrupt Federation and Supreme Sports Council that looks the other way in complicity »sentence Galan.

The head of Cenafe focuses on the fact that on 10 June 2020, two months before the meeting in Salobreña, «the RFEF executive committee headed by Rubiales agreed to call elections for the general assembly, commission and presidential elections. Thus, according to the official version, at the time of the ‘meeting on the planning and organization of federative administrators’, Rubiales presided over the board of directors and not the RFEF, all that entailed, especially taking into account that he planned to be re-elected.

“The election regulation is arrogant. As can be seen in the election regulation and more specifically in the 2020-2024 Olympic calendar, the commission appointed by the board of directors on the day of the elections must make the appointment,” he emphasizes.

But not only that, as stated in Article 12 of the Decree No. ECD/2764/2015, “when new elections are held, the boards of directors will be dissolved, the management commissions will take office, who will be the body responsible for administering and administering the Federation during the election process”.

The said article further states that “You cannot directly or indirectly, directly or indirectly, take any action that arouses or conditions the voter’s feeling of voting, and you must abide by the principles of impartiality, transparency of the electoral process and equality between electoral actors. » .

Finally, let’s end with the following and determined observation: “These provisions will apply to activities carried out by Federation personnel and other federal bodies during the selection process.”


Galán announced last July that he would file a lawsuit in the coming days. José Manuel Franco for failing to refer his complaint against Rubiales and the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE) to the TAD on an alleged administrative charge of denial, thereby dismissing the RFEF president and agreeing to a precautionary suspension from his post. functions for alleged corruption offenses in business and unfair management.

“For looking the other way,” Galán told this newspaper. Also to “not allow him to access the information in the file that he was interested in and damaged because it violates his fundamental rights”.

On the same day, shortly after the announcement of this complaint, the Supreme Sports Council announced that it was suspending the sanctions procedure against Rubiales pending the decision of the Court of First Instance in Majadahonda (Madrid) and Order No. Processing the Cenafe president’s complaint against Rubiales and the Barça player and Owner of Kosmos Global Holding company, Gerard Pique.

Galán also filed a criminal complaint against Rubiales with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office last April, alleging RFEF-managed irregularities by taking the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia through football player Gerard Piqué’s company, Kosmos Global Holding. which has been reported. The complaint basically contains the same complaint and the Prosecutor’s Office has referred the investigation to the Majadahonda court.

Galán denounces the unfair management of Rubiales due to the loss of money it will cause to the RFEF and extends the alleged corruption in business to Piqué.

According to the head of Cenafe, hiddenRubiales and Piqué, the current captain of Barcelona Football Club, would maneuver to give the pitch with the sale of the Super Cup to the Arab kingdom, and the footballer would mediate through his company to close the contract in exchange for a commission. 24 million euros.

It shows that Rubiales would not want the 24m euros Piqué would have received to mediate in the operation appear in any documents, and that for Galán, he would collude with each other to hide the commission and “make everything opaque”. not only to Spanish society, but also to all the internal organs of the RFEF that “could prevent them from carrying out their actions”, as if they did not exist.

In addition, Rubiales understands that he would be involved in crime by enjoying a house in Madrid whose rent will be covered by the RFEF for 3,000 euros per month, and wants Rubiales’ salary to be investigated, because he understands that according to the minutes of the federation’s plenary meeting of 24 June 2018, the UEFA He should have dropped 10% when he signed.

Under the law in question, the top leader of the governing body of Spanish football would have to reduce his salary by 10% if hired by an international federation. Galán points out that after Rubiales began receiving fees from UEFA in May 2019, he would “receive amounts not corresponding to him, as his salary was not reduced by 10% proportionally”.

The complaint also includes the so-called records that the leader gave to the Ministers of the Government. Pedro SanchezA trip to New York by Rubiales in 2018 that was to be unfairly paid for by the Federation and to be camouflaged as a pleasure trip as a business trip and allegedly commissioned some detectives by the RFEF to spy on the president. Spanish Footballers Association (AFE), David Aganzoa job payable through a holding company.

The follow-ups cost 11,764 euros, he explained, but they were not paid for by the RFEF, but by a company dedicated to real estate development, which is owned by an external lawyer and receives regular payments from the agency.

Galán points out that Rubiales commissioned one of the union leaders, David Aganzo, to spy on his own interests through a brokerage firm or a front, to hide “the obvious lack of legitimacy in the invasion of his privacy” and at the expense of funds. We are facing “very serious” and “criminal” behavior from the RFEF.

The complaint also points to messages that Rubiales will exchange with a member of the RFEF leadership about the Second Division match between Deportivo de La Coruña and Fuenlabrada in the 2019/2020 season. The relegation of Deportivo de La Coruña spoiled the competition ».

Galán hopes that Rubiales will suffer the same fate as Ángel María Villar and be sacked by the Administrative Court of Sport.

“I have been fighting against the denial of the UEFA license of Spanish football coaches for 20 years and I will not stop until I stop discriminating against Spanish football coaches, be it President Villar, Rubiales or anyone else in charge of the RFEF,” he concludes.

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