“Women will be seriously harmed by the Trans Law”

Director and former Olympic medalist (Barcelona ’92) Mercedes Coghen, Women Executives Group within the Spanish Sports Associationto increase female leadership in the industry it leads, mentoring for women from the federated environment. Gave different keys 20 minutes makes sense around understanding women’s sport as it is structured today and the changes made to the Trans Law. This irresistibly depressing stating “doesn’t count as a sport to study this Law and personally, in my opinion the woman will be seriously harmed by his approval“.

What is your role within the Spanish Sports Association?I entered ADESP with: Spain Sports Global To promote Spanish sport international levelduring one and half year we were doing a lot but in the end the project remained stand by. so we started doing sustainability projects.

Which one stood out the most?
this Green Sports Flag It is a project that brought a certain awareness to sports. We created a brand. federations even though he started to think sustainability is not cheap, You can spare some budget. and execute. Projects suffered during these years covidbut I am very happy for this first start.

She is one of the few women in the field of sports management. what is your position?There is a project within ADESP that excites me because things are done with heart. When? Jose Hidalgo (Head of ADESP) means re-election of the institution and we Raul Coating We know that something needs to be done because the (RFEA chair) has so much discretion on the board, because the board only has presidents, other than that. Asuncion Loriente (Rowing Federation). What does this reflect you don’t have to. ADESP changed Then Charter For federations to identify women from other profiles as the current panorama is bleak.

Mercedes Coghen in 20 minutes

Does the look still look bleak?Yes. At first a CSD recommendation the truth Women will be on the board of directors. your federations. It was mandatory then and now we’ve reached 40%. Women contribute a lot and it is not just a sporting issue, but the ILO states: women’s participation is mandatoryhowever The step to run for president is too complicated, too manly.

How did ADESP affect this change?I had one in my head program mentoring in the world of federations and through Young Sports FoundationI learned we can do it with Iberdrola connecting with women who have been in federations for longer and they’ll find a way inspire other women inside sports business models. The funny thing is veterans They wanted to mentor, too, and last year we touched on about fifteen women whose empowerment has increased for one reason or another.

Well-known federation presidents who excel in their sport are another unintentional stopper for women.

So… is there a certain consanguineous marriage in sports institutions?Yes. Within the federal periphery we had old-fashioned federative management modelmany presidents and now moving to a more professional oneI. But it will be another stopper for me, because presidents federations that have been successful in their sports and are recognized as unintentional, they are another stopper for women.

For Spanish sport to develop differently, the COE needs to be re-converted.

Is removing term limits a barrier?In the assemblies of each institution you can vote bylaws, but what we seek is always true minimum conflicts and maximum comfort Y if you do not want start arguing, you don’t want anything certain variation, You could be there for 20 years and not contribute. For Olympism and women I can say in five committees also: Athletes, Women and Sport, Pierre de Coubertain, Law… I have demonstrated my passion for the COE many times.but this system offers several options to choose the variety and the other, There is also the problem of women. because it is fed by federations and we know that hardly any president. When you have conversations about how things are in Spain and where you present data some commissions have zero womeneven that of the President’s Counsel, since then Things won’t change unless there’s a woman who paints another vision. For Spanish sport to develop differently, the COE needs to be re-converted.

How do you see the future of the ADO Programme?We’re talking about evolution not developed. born in a super way bright with those who do sports realized it was working some games a business model was neededbut nowadays it is outdated. must see patronage and sports sponsorship laws, it never fully adapts to the sports model. maybe i see your tenderness ADOPbut then it grew it worked better.

What do you think about the new Sports Law that will be approved before the parliament ends?Opinions cannot be general. A path that we all go must be marked. Let’s talk about the update again. In the 1990 law, women did not have the slightest thought. and you should now have a custom field. We need sports in our new society and we don’t know its value.

What sports threats do we have?this trans law a a particular threat to the female athlete because sport was no longer taken into account to see what happened. Has anyone asked the world of sports how they see this, to see what can be done if they’ve thought of all this before? the discussion is there and the sports world does not want to get involved in politicization. Being able to make decisions is a very complex thing in the world of women’s sports.This doesn’t happen with men because 90% of sports are power based. They talk about it in my own board (field hockey). Internationals say, IOC no discussion but yes health commissions and there are many inequality in some cases and frustration in others, the result will be decidedly negative. Men and women cannot compete together and get the same result.. this sport serves to unite and it is always politicized when there is a problem. Leaders said that you must have professionalsbecause like this, Every sport will take its own steps and when there are structures and women preparedWe will get the necessary support.

IOC lost a major Olympic city

Will Madrid have a Game once and for all?I am not very optimistic. this IOC lost a major olympic city because I’ve been to a lot of people and experienced it as a player, as a team leader, as a candidate, as a spectator… We have passion for emotion. We were able to adapt and we were out of luck. Madrid would be a new Barcelona.

Mercedes Coghen’s next plans.Consolidate the work done mentoring (I hope there will be two more editions before Paris). Seek funding for the project Spain Sports 4 Womena network so that all professionals who want to meet appsavailable on download platforms. And a project that I am very excited about, for example Centennial of the Spanish Royal Hockey Federation where the passion for this sport is reflected in a slogan: “One hundred years in the family”.

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