Application deadline for Space Agency ends this Monday, and Seville is targeting 360 million ‘jobs’


The deadline for submitting nominations to the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency ends on Monday, November 7th. Seville formalized its own last Friday with the “illusion” of convincing the Commission created by the Spanish Government that Seville’s option to house the headquarters of this government body, calculated by the City Council, was the most “solid and high quality”. It will create an indirect economic impact of 360 million euros and around 6,000 jobs. A ‘business’ that will benefit the capital of Seville, but in the approval of the submission of the nomination by the General Assembly, it will, in the words of Mayor Antonio Muñoz, “spread” all over Andalusia.

With more than 240 support from public and private institutions and the support of more than 14,000 people, Sevilla’s proposal is based on “ten reasons”, one of the strongest in capital’s innovative potential since 72% of all organizations. In Andalusia (64 of the current 153 people) of this nature is located in the capital of Andalusia. The physical headquarters is another entity.

The City Council chose a building that was already built and at full capacity – meeting the technical requirements that the Government had identified as an extra to be considered “very positive” – with more than 3,000 square feet of boardroom, parking and state-of-the-art rooms – and one of the most popular working-class neighbourhoods. one in San Jerónimo (which is also the regional cohesion criterion to be evaluated by the evaluation commission). The center is fifteen minutes from the Aeropolis Aerospace Park and five minutes from the Cartuja Technological Science Park, which is considered “additions” when necessary.

Seville has had a high-speed rail connection for 30 years and its own airport with connections requested by the Government, Brussels and Paris. “Connections to Amsterdam, Rome, Frankfurt, Toulouse and Prague will be considered positive” collects bases and the city currently not only has a connection with Prague, but has a written commitment from an airline to get it back. in the next few months.

Seville’s nomination to host the Space Agency draws on the city’s past in aviation, particularly today. It has a productive and research texture, supported by universities, with more than 20 research groups in the space sector and more than 30 research groups that can be added. The city argues that it is Europe’s third aviation hub after Germany and France.

The Commission will also evaluate the “hotel environment that allows the accommodation of institutions and business visits”. At this point, according to data provided by the Consistory, there is a hotel factory in the capital city of Seville with 23,249 hotel beds (hotels only, no apartments and 11,628 rooms).

Regarding the analysis of the real estate market for rental and purchase within a radius of 20 kilometers from the Agency headquarters, which effectively allows the mobility of employees assigned to the body contained in the competition rules, the City Council guarantees “Facility”. Thanks to the agreement with four financial institutions, it will offer “advantageous conditions” for rent or property to the families of 60 people who will make up the workforce.

On the aforementioned merits, the Government “makes it clear that the nomination would be very favorably viewed if accompanied by a report by the Autonomous Community Governing Council supporting its eligibility. Where more than one nomination is put forward, this report should specify the order of preference for each of the settlements in question”.

This step was completed by the Government of the Junta of Andalucía, which chose Seville as its first option, as it then realized that Huelva was “more in line with the above requirements”. The target expressed by the government is for the Agency to become operational in the first quarter of 2023. From this Monday, the race for the evaluation of the commission submitted by the Basque in addition to Sevilla’s candidacy begins. The country, Huelva, León, Teruel, Tres Cantos (Madrid), Ciudad Real, Elche (Alicante), San Javier (Murcia), Gran Canaria and Tenerife is the list of known to date.

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