Compression suits: what are they for?

There is some hype about the benefits of compression garments. Let’s see in what situations its use is really recommended.

Compression suits: what are they for?

Last update: 06 November 2022

Compression garments are one of the therapeutic techniques that have uses outside of the professional healthcare field.. There are many types of clothing and are used by people who run from time to time to people with serious health problems. Let’s see the different types that exist and in what situations they are used.

How do compression garments work?

Sportswear are pieces that fit the body contours of the wearer. Moreover, It is designed to apply a certain amount of pressure to the underlying tissues.. However, the effect of these clothes is exerted mainly on the muscles, vessels and soft tissues.

Poor circulation or venous stasis can be combated with compression stockings.

attribution circulation, mechanical pressure helps facilitate venous return. On a daily basis, it is muscle contraction that performs this function. When the muscle contracts, the circulatory structures are compressed. By following the laws of physics, By reducing the diameter of the tube, the pressure of the fluid (in this case the blood) is higher.. As the muscles relax, these structures return to their normal positions. However, if muscle contraction is absent or very limited, we lose this natural aid. Compression garments continuously apply the same pressure, facilitating venous return over a long period of time.

Knowing this, we understand more easily that compression garments are mainly used in situations with poor circulation. Or where circulation would be impaired. Let’s look at the most common cases.

Use in everyday situations

At a more basic level, there are garments that apply light compression. These clothes are designed and will help people who have to spend. to stand for a long time, especially if they’re going to stay still. In this way we compensate for the effect of gravity and the lack of muscle stimulation.

Compression garments in sports

These garments, which focus on sports uses, have been used frequently for decades. In these cases, its function is twofold. On the one hand, during sports training, helps retain heat produced by muscle contraction. That is, they will keep the underlying structures active. On the other hand, they will have the aforementioned positive effect on circulation. due to the compression itself.

However, in terms of athletic performance, studies they did not show any improvement in the use of these garments.

Finally, compression garments yes they showed be effective in improving symptoms after exercise. In other words, it accelerates their healing by limiting the damage to the soft tissues.

medical uses

As for the use of compression garments in medicine, we see it used in various situations. In this case, it should be noted that There are different degrees of pressure applied by these garments., depending on the effect we are looking for. Those applying more pressure require a medical prescription as their effects are more intense and are indicated only for certain pathologies.

we are referring pathologies such as thrombosis or lymphedema. In the first case, movement restrictions are removed as described above. And on the second, because on the one hand, compression will promote the reabsorption of liquids. On the other hand, it will prevent the growth of edema.

Compression garments not only improve circulation but also prevent edema formation.

At less severe levels, compression is also a key element when it comes to the treatment of inflammation and edema. It can also be applied in cases where we find signs of varicose veins or other circulatory problems.

Inform yourself before using these garments

As with any therapy that anyone can apply to themselves, it’s important to truly understand the benefits and risks.

If we are going to work standing up for long hours, it is appropriate to use pressure garments. Or to limit possible edema and inflammation after playing sports. Y If we suffer from a chronic circulatory pathology, the doctor or physiotherapist will recommend exactly the type of clothing and the correct way to use it.. What we cannot expect is to wear a compression garment and notice a sudden increase in our sports performance. This will depend on many other factors. Otherwise, it will be a key element in all training and competitions of any elite athlete.

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