Deportes Antofagasta vs. Live for the Universidad Católica 2022 Tournament: online match, result, goals, videos, lineups and statistics

The team, led by Ariel Holan, took their place in the Copa Sudamericana, defeating the Puma squad, who for now said goodbye to the category.

Catholic University He achieved a very high end of the season after defeating them. Sports Antofagasta in the duel corresponding to the deadline National Championship 2022, result too gave him a ticket The next edition of the Copa Sudamericana.

The team, led by Ariel Holan, jumped into Calvo and Bascuñán’s goal on a mission to return to victory to enter the continental tournament against the squad of Javier Torrente trying to avoid relegation.

And as expected, the Crusaders didn’t fail and they beat the Pumas.category loss. Visitors stuck at 47 on the leaderboard thanks to a shot Caesar Pines left goalkeeper Diego Sánchez with no options. Have oldAltay Sports When the clock showed 75 minutes, he would repeat the dose at a slight angle.

Thus, the skirts took the fifth place with 45 points, while the CDA took the bottom. only after reaching 26 units and has sealed for now saying goodbye to the honor division of Chilean football, so he will have to accompany in the Ascenso Championship in 2023. 27 harvested Sports La Serena. northerners what are you still waiting for ANFP Disciplinary Court Second Division identify by pending match with Palestine.

Review the data left by the meeting with Opta:

End! UC condemned the Cougars to relegation.

81′ José Pedro Fuenzalida leaves the field in his final match with Cruzados. He was replaced by another farewell: Germán Lanaro.

79 & # 39; Dituro block! The middle keeper reacted strongly to Manuel López’s powerful shot with a few meters from the goal.

THE GOOOOOOOOLAZO OF 74 ‘CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY’! Joseph Peter Fuenzalida quickly settles in for César Pinares at the entrance of the field and takes his left foot into the corner. Second stunt on the fringe after marking Curicor United in 2019.

53 & # 39; Antofagasta was close to equalizing! The crusader defense held up badly, but Tobías Figueroa failed to finish great and Dituro went smoothly.

End of first episode! Católica wins by minimum margin and instantly qualifies for the Copa Sudamericana.

47′ CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY GOOOAAAL! cut off pine forests He struggled in the middle of the Antofagasta zone and scored 1-0 with his left foot.

40 & # 39; What was he after? Zampedri He identified her hand in hand with Diego Sánchez, who is remarkable for taking it off with the toe of his foot.

30 & # 39; This was a first! Ferdinand Zampedri took a strong headshot from the front from the center of the area cleared by Diego Sanchez.

25′ UHHHH! Ariel Uribe single-handedly entered the goal Dituro was defending, but unbelievably removed her shot from the left.

15′ Salvador Cordero fired a low shot at the nearby post, but He met an attentive Matías Dituro.

6 & # 39; UC is saved! Tobias Figueroa failed to connect against the mark of Gary Kagelmacher, who sent the ball.go to the corner

The ball is already rolling in Calvo and Bascuñán! The referee appointed to ensure justice is Piero Maza.

Confirmed entities!

Catholic University: Matías Dituro; Raimundo Rebolledo, Branco Ampuero, Gary Kagelmacher, Alfonso Parot; Cesar Pinares, Ignacio Saavedra, Luciano Aued; José Pedro Fuenzalida, Yamil Asad and Fernando Zampedri.

Sport Antofagasta:

Both clubs arrive at the end of the tournament as follows:

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