María Patiño is intrigued after confirming her health issues on Save me

We are facing a major health issue that is as well known as one of the collaborators of this program. Save me. And this week, one of the collaborators, Carmen BorregoHe had to leave the program due to health problems.

Same Wednesday, collaborators Save me while preparing the summary of the program (pre-meeting), Carmen Borrego discovered the topic to be discussed. And the subject is your nephew, Alexandra RubioHe had decided to speak openly. We can also find several filtered voices of Carmen criticizing the whole family.

Anyway, the collaborators stated that same morning that Carmen was already not feeling well, although many thought it was gas. After a while, Carmen Borrego He had to be transferred to the medical service. media setsaid to make an electrocardiogram as indicated Jorge Javier Vazquez.

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Is Carmen Borrego on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

Kike Calleja, one of the reporters, added: Carmen Borrego It was under observation that the specialists planned to repeat the electrocardiogram. This decision was made because his pulse was too high and there was no way to stabilize him, although they were still waiting for him to calm down.

He also said this way: “They say they have to repeat it because Carmen Borrego’s pulse is pretty high according to the electro. They’re trying to stabilize her. And the doctor told me she can’t dominate. She said if they can’t stabilize the pulse, she should leave by ambulance this afternoon.”

Capture of live footage of 'Sálvame' during the crash of Hugo Sierra

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it became its own Carmen Borrego After a while, Kim decided to go out and break the news as she was leaving health care and wanted to explain herself. Stating that he went to the doctor after feeling a severe pain in his chest, he said, “It suddenly caused me pain and maybe this pain made me uneasy.” After what happened, it was his own colleagues who analyzed his ailment, knowing everything to say about his son.

Belén Esteban went out to talk before Carmen Borrego’s attack

One of Turkey’s longest-standing collaborators Save me How is it Bethlehem Esteban, recounted live what he had experienced that morning with his partner. And it all meant that her partner Carmen was a little upset: I said to her, “Take a deep breath to Carmen, because she happened so fast.” Another friend, like Laura Fa, stressed: “As soon as I told her about it, she started crossing her arms.”

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Among others, we can find these words from Rafa Mora: “David said we’re going to put up some pictures of his niece Alejandra doing your son well”. who are not afraid to give their opinion, Jorge Javier Vazquez: “Carmen here said ‘he’s my son, but I have to set some limits on him.’

As stated, at 5 pm. Carmen Borrego He returned to the set with a great welcome from his partner, Jorge Javier. He greeted her warmly: “Don’t raise your head, girl.” Director David Valldeperas added another phrase: “You pronounce Alejandra’s name and your heart is beating.”

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Carmen stated that even with the words of the director, everything would be a coincidence, she was not against it. She didn’t want to turn her back on her nephew even though she didn’t say it, but above all she knows she will defend her son.

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