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Giannis Antetokounmpo returned from the Eurobasket burnt. It was his first experience with the Greek national team in more than three years and it was far from the medal race. losing to germany in the round of 16. “You’ve been playing basketball a lot for the past few years, not just physically, but mentally as well, needing to take a break, get away from the game, spend time with your family, and sit on the couch and eat Doritos. Sounds bad, but you need it”, recognized the two-time NBA MVP before the preseason kicked off. After a good hookup and Netflix session, the Greek giant has cast off the ghosts of Berlin and milwaukee dollars For the best start to the season in franchise history. With 34 leaders on the track, 2021 champions By sweeping their first eight games, they left behind the team’s best marks, starting with seven wins in 2018 and 1971. Greek freak Sitting on the bench due to a sore left knee, the Bucks raised the bar with their ninth straight win (108-94) against the Oklahoma City Thunder in a team’s best start since the Golden State Warriors. The player, who holds the absolute record of the 2015 season-2016 season, started 24 games in a row without losing.

Barely scratched in almost a month of competition, the Milwaukee Bucks are the only undefeated team in the NBA, despite Chris Middleton’s injury-free. Teams like the Sixers, Nets or Hawks had the best team of the moment, with an average of 11.7 points ahead of their opponents. After eight games in which Antetokounmpo recorded MVP points (32.6 points, 12.9 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game), it was time for the star to take a break during the Thunder’s visit to Wisconsin. The power forward suffered from a left knee injury after his last game against Minnesota and was eating some popcorn on the bench while watching his team do what they do best: win.

The Oklahomaans believed the star’s absence would bring them closer to possible victory, but they faced a choir team that was intense on defense and extremely dominant in paint. The Bucks took 61 rebounds and 47 rebounds from the opponent. Brook Lopez (25 points on 10 field goals on 16) and Bobby Portis (12 points and 21 rebounds) were enough to wipe out the Thunder. Spaniard Serge Ibaka contributed eight points, six rebounds, two assists and two blocks in 24 minutes on the court.

Oklahoma took the pulse of the first quarter after a great start with a 10-point lead. However, the Bucks reacted, arguing that they were strong in-game, leveling the game and delivering the fatal blow with a 33-19 run (67-53 on the scoreboard) early in the second quarter. After the break, Thunder’s legs trembled and out of nowhere, the Bucks were trailing 24 points, thanks to a back-to-back 3-pointer from Jevon Carter (88-64). Oklahoma came close to 10 points in the final quarter (97-87), but Brook López’s new offense (9 of the 25 in this episode) put any hopes for a comeback to an end. “Fear the deer” (fear the deer) is the motto of this start of the NBA.

Celtics break 3-pointer record

Nearly 1,500 miles from where the Bucks signed their ninth consecutive win, the Celtics, the team that eliminated them in the conference semifinals last season, set a new historical record at Madison Square Garden in New York, one of the temples of the NBA. The Bostonians beat the Knicks (118-133) with 27 threes in 51 tries (52.9% accuracy), a franchise record. After playing last year against Golden State, who had the most triples in history in the NBA finals.The Celtics have made the environment their big gun. Every green player who jumped to the ground scored at least one triple and Jays, Tatum and Brown added six bingos each. The 27-pointers were two more than the team’s previous record against the Philadelphia 76ers on February 15 and two behind the NBA’s all-time record set by the Milwaukee Bucks against the Miami Heat in December. 29. 2020.

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